Blueberry x Lemon Haze Marijuana Seeds


Blueberry x Lemon Haze Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 20 percent. This is a creative, energetic, relaxing, and focused strain with blueberry, citrus, woody, sweet, and berry flavors you’ll surely enjoy. This is a beginner strain that you can grow in a sunny and temperate growing climate.

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5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


Blueberry x Lemon Haze Autoflower 

Fast Growing Fruity Herb

Lemon Haze is an all-powerful strain with high THC content. Mix that with an equally highly delectable strain such as Blueberry, and you got a hybrid strain that gives you the best of both worlds. Lemon Haze’s citrus flavors complement the fruity berry taste of Blueberry; however, the cerebral effects of Lemon Haze dominates this strain. It comes as no surprise that this weed goes for the brain after a few puffs. One can experience little time to react to the effects of this weed. The mood-lifting effect starts immediately at the first inhalation. After a few minutes of continuous puffing, this weed will induce a positive mindset and a relaxing effect on the body.

This Indica dominant strain soon induces a couch-lock effect to its users near the end of the session and should be good enough to put you to sleep. Many of this strain’s health benefits are derived from its high THC level. Pain relief, reduction of anxiety, less tensed muscles, and good quality sleep are just some of the benefits you get with this weed.


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