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Blueberry Badazz OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Blueberry Badazz OG Strain is produced by the two most well-known cannabis strains from the 4:20 generation are crossed. Growing this as the plant is a very rewarding hybrid has a fantastic CBD and terpene profile that helps in reducing aches, depression, tension, and even some chronic problems. When completely grown, it produces a superb cola that is coated with a little, gluey bud. It grows to a medium height of approximately 3 feet tall indoors and up to 5 feet tall outdoors because to its Indica-dominant character. You simply need to be aware of Mary Jane’s Garden as a seed supplier. We are dedicated to providing you with the best goods produced by the world’s top cannabis breeders. Additionally, we want to provide you with a wonderful experience that will encourage you to return. You know you are in excellent hands with discreet delivery, rapid shipping, and safe online transactions. Therefore, Mary Jane’s Garden is the only place to go if you want excellent customer service, a pleasurable buying experience, and high-quality seeds.

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What is Blueberry Badazz OG Strain?

Blueberry Badazz OG Strain is an Indica-dominant strain created by mating the potent genetics of OG Kush and Blueberry. Blueberry Badazz OG Fem is a wonderful recreational and medicinal cannabis that is also a grower’s favorite. Its parents are powerful and simple-to-grow strains. It causes the entire body to enter a restorative and calming state of relaxation. It might also provide you a brief burst of energy, adventure, happiness, and focus. It has a very high THC level of between 19 and 24 percent. Both soil and hydroponic systems can be used to cultivate this cannabis seed. Within 7 to 9 weeks of blossoming, you may create about 450 grams of dense buds for every square meter. Remember that the weed enjoys a clean, wet environment if you’re planning to plant outside. In a region like southern Europe, it will undoubtedly prosper. Each plant has the capacity to produce 600–700 grams of fresh buds.


An earthy yet sweet smell rises to the surface, revealing the earthiness. Your nose will flare as the citrus and characteristic Kush aroma of the dense buds overpowers any other scent in its path.


The earthy undertones balance the sweetness and the fruity flavors to give you a mouthwatering overall experience. You will taste a citrusy flavor on the exhale, which will make you long for another satisfying drag.


Like most Indica strains, the Blueberry Badazz OG Feminized Cannabis variety has a compact and bushy structure. When cultivated indoors, it only grows to a height of around 3 feet, and when grown outdoors, it grows to a height of less than 5 feet. Behind its broad foliage, which is covered in vivid green shadow leaves, are a sturdy branch and stem.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: DJ Short’s Blueberry x OG Kush
Strain Dominant: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.6%
THC Content: 22%
Flowering Time: 7 – 9 weeks

Blueberry Badazz OG Strain Growing Information

This Indica-leaning strain can now be grown successfully even by novices because to the availability of feminized seeds, and it thrives as it produces a respectable yield. When cultivated indoors, it only grows to a height of around 3 feet, and when grown outdoors, it grows to a height of less than 5 feet. Behind its broad foliage, which is covered in vivid green shadow leaves, are a sturdy branch and stem. Even if the flowering place reached its peak, the strong limbs wouldn’t need support. Regularly pruning and trimming the lower portion of the plant may help increase airflow and light exposure. Blueberry Badazz OG Strain Feminized can flourish in soil or hydroponic growing media when grown indoors. This cannabis strain requires a controlled environment with a safe room temperature of between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to pruning extra branches and leaves, growers must maintain a RH level of roughly 40 to 50 percent to prevent the plant from retaining moisture. Utilizing the Sea of Green technique, you may maximize space and yield inside by packing anything between 4 and 10 plants into a square yard. After flowering, the output would be approximately 1.5 ounces per square foot in 7 to 9 weeks. The cannabis strain does best in warm, dry climates when grown outdoors.

Blueberry Badazz OG Strain Medical Benefits

Similar to the majority of cannabis strains, Blueberry Badazz OG strain has a number of health advantages. Patients with psychiatric conditions including anxiety, depression, and PTSD can frequently feel better after just a few puffs of this unique hybrid strain. Following your smoking session, your body and mind will both sense relief, which will make you feel at ease until you gently fall off to sleep. Regarding the physical side of things, this marijuana helps treat sclerosis, PMS symptoms, migraines, chronic pain, and more. It has potent anti-inflammatory qualities that aid in reducing swelling and tension. This enables people with rheumatoid arthritis and other illnesses of a similar nature to sleep better at night or to endure particularly severe flare-ups during the day.

Final Thoughts

After just a few doses, the nocturnal strain Blueberry Badazz OG Feminized makes you feel content. Users experience satisfaction and relaxation before drifting off to sleep. It can also relieve stress, sadness, tension, chronic pain, and insomnia. It makes more sense to grow your own since these highly sought-after buds are so difficult to get. These cannabis seeds develop into healthy, low-maintenance plants. Mary Jane’s Garden sells Blueberry Badazz OG strain cannabis seeds that you may grow to produce premium marijuana buds. The blue blossoms of these plants are prized for their sweet, delicious flavor. Both newcomers and seasoned users should think about this strain. These seeds will yield excellent results when grown.

Frequently Asked Questions

How strong is Blueberry Badazz OG strain?

Blueberry OG flower typically has a THC content of 16% to 20% and a CBD content of 1% to 15%. Packed with flavorful terpenes and powerful cannabinoids.

Is Blue OG indica or sativa?

This hybrid has a 60% Indica dominance. The majority of this strain’s side effects are calming and relaxing, with only 40% Sativa content.

Is this strain good for anxiety?

Yes, Blueberry Badazz OG strain is an excellent daytime strain for anxiety and sadness, which is a sweet fruity variety with a potent euphoric, pleasant impact.


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