Blueberry Badazz OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Blueberry Badazz OG Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with blueberry and mixed-fruits flavors that you’ll surely love. This is a relaxing, euphoric, sleepy, and uplifting strain that beginners can cultivate. You can cultivate this as long as you have a temperate to a sunny growing climate.

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More About Blueberry Badazz OG

Considers as Great Rewarding Plant

Blueberry is the result after crossing the two most recognized strains in the 4:20 world of cannabis strains, Blueberry and the OG Kush. Having 19 to 24% of THC content makes it enough to give a euphoric feeling before tranquilizing the mind into a deep-sounding sleep. Due to its distinctive crossing, it has a great CBD and terpene profile that helps in relieving pains, depression, stress, and even some chronic pains—growing this as the plant is a highly rewarding hybrid. As it fully matures, it develops a great cola that layered with a compact gluey bud.

Due to its Indica-dominant profile, it grows into a medium height that reaches about 3 feet tall in indoor setups, while up to 5 ft tall in an outdoor setting. This plant can both flourish well in a usual soil or the hydroponic as its medium. You may also employ the Sea of Green set up with a comfortable temperature to yield to its full potential.

After 7 to 9 weeks of the flowering stage, each square meter can produce as much as 450 grams of gluey buds. While if you tend to cultivate it outdoors, just keep in mind that most strains prosper into its full length when it raises under a balmy condition. By the mid-month of October, expect to harvest as much as 700 grams of buds each plant.


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