Blue Head Band Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Blue Head Band Marijuana Seeds is a strain made from a powerful combination of two dominating strains with impressive therapeutic effects. It can be used to deal with anxiety, stress, and pain because of its euphoric, uplifting, and natural analgesic effects. It is also one of the easiest to grow as it can be cultivated in different environments.

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More About Blue Headband

Considered as a Sweet-Tooth Cannabis Strain

The Blueberry Headband exhibits all the good features of a cannabis strain such as flavor, fragrance, great potency, and, most important is a huge yield. This strain also provides a long-lasting cerebral effect that comes with a spicy fragrance and licorice flavor. Like its namesake, this strain is a result after crossing the Blueberry with the 707 Headband.

Blue Headband thrives more in a controlled setting indoor, using the low-stress training method to produce a resinous bushy that is like a flower with 19 to 23% THC content. Novice growers may easily plant this beautiful strain as it rarely causes any problems while nurturing. Blue Head Band is also resilient in any molds and pests that may occur as it grows. You may also install some support to its branches as its colas grow become a slight heavy.

In an indoor setup, after nine weeks of flowering, expect to have as much as 400 grams of buds each square meter. Employing a Sea of Green setup is suitable to use to achieve such great yield. Exposing it under the sun with a Mediterranean-like climate makes the plant blooms into its full potential. Having such ideal conditions, you are about to harvest as much as 1200 grams of great buds each Blueberry Headband plant.


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