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Blue Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Blue Haze is a hugely potent Haze hybrid, and after her excellent taste, her next standout quality is her amazing high. Her impact is strong, yet it begins as a pleasant, uplifting sensation that intensifies into a happy, incredibly euphoric head high that is sharp and concentrated. She is the ideal uplifter who can make even the worst day of the week into the finest one ever! Her creative high will inspire you and give you more energy, making her the ideal smoke for anybody, but especially for musicians, painters, and computer programmers—including you, of course!
When you purchase marijuana seeds from Mary Jane’s Garden, we ship the best Blue Haze cannabis seeds available. We promise to send marijuana seeds of the highest caliber and germination rate at competitive pricing. Visit our user-friendly website to see what our admiring clients have to say about us.

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What is Blue Haze?

Blue Haze is respected in the medicinal cannabis community for its numerous advantages and excellent flavor. The atmosphere is uplifting and revitalizing, taking the experience to new heights. Blue Haze, sometimes referred to as Blueberry Haze, is an excellent cross between Blueberry and Original Haze that resulted in an 80/20 indica dominant hybrid. It even succeeded in becoming the High Times Cannabis Cup champion, which is the ideal excuse to obtain these marijuana seeds. With a whopping 26% THC as the threshold, those with low tolerances should approach this variety with caution. It’s not surprising that this feminized seeds are at the top of our list of high THC seeds given their powerful levels. Such authority entails enormous responsibility. This strain feminized seeds shouldn’t be used by novice cannabis growers.


The preserved buds give off an undeniable blueberry fragrance. Lovers of traditional marijuana strains will recognize the typical musky, herbal profile of haze.


Like a blueberry spiced latte, it has a fruity flavor, vanilla, and a light spice flavor on the exhale. This flower has a long finish because the sweet and delightful flavor lingers on the palate.


Blue Haze cannabis flowers are medium to large size and extremely compact. The buds are enhanced with brilliant purple, icy blue, and green hues. A close-up view displays rolling hills of trichome-coated hairs with a terra cotta hue. Colas with the Haze logo have a broad, spade-like form. In the compact, sticky bud structure, the yellowish-green leaves adhere to one another.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Amnesia Haze X Blueberry
Strain Dominant: 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.6%
THC Content: 23%
Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks

Blue Haze Growing Information

This cannabis plant needs continual care and attention because it is sensitive to environmental changes. Because of this, we advise against growing these feminized seeds unless you are an experienced grower. Fortunately, this cultivar pays off all your effort with abundant, high-quality crops. Although this strain feminized seeds can be grown outdoors, for the best results, we advise utilizing the indoor approach. More power over the elements will give you the ability to cultivate the ideal environment for your crops. Plants from Blue Haze feminized seeds grow up to 1.5 meters tall and have dense foliage. Because of this trait, vertical space shouldn’t be an issue. To allow more air and light to reach the lower branches, you should still remove the thick leaves. For optimal results, keep your grow tent at a temperature of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. To prevent mold from growing on your crop of this feminized seeds, you should also keep the relative humidity between 40% and 50%. The majority of growth mediums are suitable for growing these feminized seeds. The right choice is soil because it has the minerals your plants need. Hydroponics could be used at the same time to improve the flavor and aroma of your blossoms.

Blue Haze Medical Benefits

Several health advantages are offered by the marijuana flowers produced from feminized Blue Haze seeds. This is the reason why both recreational and medical users have come to love this strain. First off, this strain feminized marijuana’s stimulating mental effects are ideal for promoting a constructive outlook. It is an excellent weapon for battling depression and anxiety because of its effect. Your body might be able to relax and let go of any tension retained in your muscles thanks to the relaxing qualities present in these feminized seeds. These effects are reported to help with stress, migraines, and cramping, according to users. The bud produced from these feminized seeds can, depending on your dosage, leave you feeling drowsy, especially near the end of your high. This drowsy side effect aids those with insomnia by lulling you to sleep and ensuring that you have a good night’s rest.

Final Thoughts

This strain marijuana causes a buzzing, relaxed feeling throughout the body and a quick, uplifting cerebral high. Although it will lift you into the air, you won’t feel heavy or dizzy. A soothing calm gradually replaces the gliding feeling as it fades. While still being functional, this tranquility aids in the release of stress and tension. So, what are you waiting for? Mary Jane’s Garden sells Blue Haze cannabis seeds that you may grow to produce premium marijuana blooms. The blue blossoms of these plants are prized for their sweet, delicious flavor. Experts and amateurs alike should think about this strain. You won’t be disappointed when growing these feminized seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blue Dream Strain strong?

Yes, it has a deliciously rich, fruity flavor and a strong, protracted high. The cannabis testing facility Analytical 360 discovered that the THC content of this strain flowers ranged from 16% to an astounding 26%.

Is Blue Haze sativa?

A hybrid cannabis strain that has strong genetics, intricate flavors and aromas, and potent buds. By fusing an indica Blueberry strain with the original Haze, it combines potent genetics.

How tall does this Strain feminized seed to grow?

The environment in which you raise this feminized seeds has a significant impact on how tall they can get. Your plants should typically grow to a height of 59 inches, though a lack of vertical space may cause them to grow shorter overall.


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