Blue Cheese Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Blue Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with good yields despite its small size at 60 to 105 cm. It is an energetic, relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric strain with berry, blueberry, earthy, and cheese flavors. You can use this strain to deal with anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, depression, and migraines.

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5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00

More About Blue Cheese Autoflower

A Wine and Cheese Experience

Blue Cheese Autoflower is a fascinating, evenly balanced hybrid. Its combination of Blueberry and the infamous Cheese is a very interesting choice of strains to crossbreed. The fruity flavors and the cheesy aroma blends well together and is very reminiscent of a wine and cheese experience. Along with the unique taste is an equally unique experience. With around 16% THC volume, this weed does not enact an overwhelming high and, instead, poses a mental buzz that is enough to get you going.

Beginners and seasoned users can fully enjoy this weed for its taste and aroma. However, the euphoric buzz is the main star of this strain. The uplifting high and the soothing physical effects do not overwhelm and do not cause any couch-lock. It prefers to give its user a simple bake-and-wake experience just enough to appreciate its uniqueness.

This nighttime strain offers insomniacs a good option to achieve sleep while people with general anxiety and depression can now think clearly. In growing this strain, the pungent aroma of this weed might need to be masked and hidden within an indoor facility that should birth a lot of yields.


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