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Blue Amnesia Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Blue Amnesia Marijuana Seeds is a balanced cannabis strain with good yields despite growing only 60 to 90 cm tall. This euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting strain will bloom large buds with berry, blueberry, sweet and flowery flavors. This is not a beginner strain but rest assured that it will grow in a temperate or sunny environment.

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More About Blue Amnesia Autoflower

No More Blues

Blue Amnesia Autoflower is the fast-flowering version of a cross between Amnesia and Blueberry. The combination of Blueberry’s fruity flavor and Amnesia’s highly effective potent effects are a great feature for such an herb. This makes Blue Amnesia a powerful late afternoon or early evening strain to smoke. It is an excellent choice for smokers who want to enjoy weed without annoying physical and mental buzz. The 18% THC volume may not be as powerful as other strains, but it can still deliver the goods.

The effects start with a clear-headed buzz that eliminates any nefarious thoughts. A few puffs and a light feeling takes over the mind and body. The intensity slowly builds up, and you begin to feel a boost in energy. The mental stimulation also causes one to have creative thoughts and ideas. Grown mainly to aid in different conditions such as migraines and back pain, this weed should be cultivated in an outdoor setting where the plant can bask under the bright sunlight.


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