Black Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Black Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 23 percent. It is an all-female strain therefore, all your plants will be female and there’s no worrying about accidental pollination. This is a small strain but can produce good yields and will bloom early at just 8 to 10 weeks.

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40 Seeds $300.00


Black Jack feminized is another strain of marijuana plant that is uniquely produced by genetic procedure of combining two strains. This marijuana strain is actually the product of Black Domino and Jock Horror. Black Domino is its mother and is known to be the plant that was sent to Netherlands from the place where it was first found-Seattle.

On the other hand, Jock Horror is the marijuana plant from the Buy Dutch Seeds. Buy Dutch Seeds is one of the most outstanding marijuana seed banks providing strains as well as hybrids of plants. Black Jack Feminized is actually a marijuana plant providing buds that are typically hard and are described to be huge in size.

In addition to this, its buds are even described to be similar with grape calyxes that are encrusted with THC completely. The smoke of the marijuana plant is actually heavy and has lots of flavors. In addition to this, Black Jack feminized would expectedly give you a high that is long-lasting.

The yield of the plant is high that it could provide you 400 to 500 grams per square meter of Sea of Green. It could only reach an average height and it would expectedly flower from 55 to 65 days. It would be best to cultivate it with a Mediterranean climate either indoors or outdoors.

Black Jack Feminized Growing And How To Buy Cheap

We have many different seeds including Black Jack Feminized marijuana seeds for sale at very low prices. The seeds that you will get when you order Black Jack Feminized marijuana seeds online are sure to be of quality and have high germination rates.


You can mail us your order or you can just go to our website and purchase Black Jack Feminized marijuana seeds online. We accept payments from our customers who order Black Jack Feminized pot seeds through cash, credit card and bank transfers. You will be getting free marijuana seeds every time you buy Black Jack Feminized weed seeds online.


Type : Feminized
Flowering : (55 – 65 days)
Climate : Mediterranian
Yield : 400 / 500 (g/m²)
Height : Average height
THC Level : High
Cultivate : In and outdoor
Medical : Yes
Strain : Hybrid

7 reviews for Black Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. GeorgesD

    I’ve never seen cannabis grow this fast and tall. The buds foxtailed quite a bit on the tops but I think that is mostly due to it being close to the lights. Very dense, super frosty colorful buds. She tastes delicious and its very potent so i will grow her again for sure!

  2. Gilles Brisette

    Beautiful strain that really delivers some incredible flavors and tastes. Such a great strain for beginners like me, it’s strong and survived all of my mistakes! Overall I would grow it again, wish the yield was a bit bigger though!

  3. Charlot Beaulé

    This was the first time i ever bought seed and I’m really happy with the fast and great results as also with the whole bunch of Information the I got here. Thanks for the Amazing Service MJG!

  4. Frontino Fongemie

    I germinated 10 and 8 succeeded. Plant are very robust I am already growing huge with a lot of care, all of the expectations from the plant has been achieve, it is wonderful. I highly recommend this strain!

  5. Axel Harris

    A truly captivating strain! The nugs were very chunky and heavy, I got amazing yields from it. As for the high, very strong and potent hits. I enjoyed the happy and sunny feelings from Black Jack, sort of had the munchies right after hahaha. I’m ordering again soon!

  6. Justin Hewitt

    Price is cheap yet the results are excellent! This would be my third buy, Both first and second harvests were good and fast so I am expecting the same results on my third harvest! Smoking pot has never been this good! Two thumbs up!

  7. Ray Barry

    Just got another sets of Black Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds strain added to cart! I got my previous order well-packed and of top quality, and I got the best results after a few weeks of doing all the work by myself. It’s a surprise that I did it all by myself with almost no sweat! I am getting all the benefits of all the work that i did. Thanks to this strain!

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