Black Cadillac Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Black Cadillac Autoflower is a potent cannabis variety. Smokers adore its sweet scent, exquisite taste, and mild psychological high; medicinal patients benefit from its calming effects, and cannabis growers can’t get enough of it. These auto-flowering seeds produce easy-to-manage plants with outstanding yields. Cannabis growers can quickly maximize their yield without having to think about males.

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5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00

Black Cadillac Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Indica (70%)

Genetics Parents: Black Domina x Jack Herer

Flowering Period: 8-10 weeks

Climate: Warm

Yield: 18 to 22oz/m2 indoor / 18 to 24oz/p outdoor

Flavors: Woody, Sweet, Pine, and Citrus

THC Level:  14 to 24%

CBD Level: Low

Height: 9 feet

Harvest Period: Early October

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Cadillac Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Black Cadillac Auto weed has a silky smooth texture with no earthy aftertaste, unlike its fragrance. Instead, it has a nice sweet and woody taste profile with traces of citrus and pine that may persist on the exhalation. This strain would not make you drowsy or keep you glued to your couch if you smoked a lot. With a THC concentration of up to 24%, you can see that this is a toxic strain, and when it’s Indica-dominant, the most intense effect it has on you is emotional. In addition to the stimulus, you retain a certain amount of mental alertness.

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Cadillac Autoflower Marijuana Strain? 

Besides having a high THC content, Black Cadillac Autoflower CBD levels will go up to 1.4 percent, giving it great therapeutic potential. Patients seeking relief from mental and physical ailments can find it with this strain. The uplifting effects can also relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.   It’s common with people who suffer from light headaches, migraines, joint pains, and muscle spasms resulting from chronic pain. Black Cadillac Autoflower may also cause a bad case of cravings, which can benefit cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and those who suffer from eating disorders. It will also help with nausea and vomiting while increasing your appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Black Cadillac Autoflower Marijuana Strain 

There are no surprises in the Black Cadillac strain. It’s not just a given if you take a few puffs, but it also does what all marijuana users know: it dries out your mouth and eyes.  If the signs of Black Cadillac weed begin to appear, some users will get dizzy. These effects are rare, but it does occur, particularly in those that overuse this strain—a major issue among beginners.

How to Grow Black Cadillac Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Also, for first-time growers, growing the Black Cadillac Autoflower strain is easy. With little work, a huge weed strain with large yields of sticky, resin-rich buds can be produced. Growers can cultivate these strains with excellence almost anywhere, including those that remain small enough to bring in most growing rooms. It stands about 9 feet tall and is quick to keep stealthy in the outdoors.  The most appealing characteristic of these cannabis auto-flowering seeds is that it takes less than nine weeks to complete the whole growth cycle from seed to harvest. It’s an excellent up for you if you don’t want to wait a long time to harvest a large number of potent, treatable buds and are willing to put in a lot of effort.



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