Big Devil Marijuana Seeds


Big Devil Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain with high THC at 18 percent and good yields. This is a creative, energetic, focused, euphoric, and uplifting strain with powerful pine, pungent, and skunk flavors that you’ll surely admire. This is not a beginner strain but can be cultivated in almost all environments even in temperate and sunny climates.

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5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


More About Big Devil Autoflower

Better The Devil You Know

Big Devil Autoflower is a nearly balanced strain that offers effective and efficient cultivation of this powerful strain. This fast-growing strain is capable of reaching heights, and its leaves spread across your farm. With enough care and attention, growers of this herb will get an enormous amount of yield. This was done by introducing a Ruderalis strain into its genetic makeup to produce high-quality buds.

The typical skunky flavor and aroma of Big Devil is the main selling point of this weed. Seasoned users who want to enjoy weed will have a good time toking this balanced strain. The effects are not too strong or overbearing, yet they still induce an insightful introspection, especially when smoked together with friends. Conversations become light, and laughter will fill the air.

As typical marijuana does, this strain also delivers a good amount of health benefits, including an uplifted spirit causing less depression from its user, pain becomes more tolerable, and the body becomes well-rested.


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