Bhang Recipe You Can Try at Home

Bhang gained the notion that this is one of the conventional and respected types of cannabis edibles throughout the starting time. To a certain extent, bhang falls more on the “drinkable” category as the core recipe of it will result in a drink, but there are still some recipes that call for eating rather than drinking. All through the cities in Northern India, this is an infamous method of ingesting the cannabis plant and a necessary piece of the Hindu culture.

The bhang recipe can end into various edibles, but this paper will tackle you about the mainstream Bhang recipe. It is likewise cased that in the 19th century, where the British named and in uniform penetrated in India comes up to a decision that banning the utilization of the Bhang would cause an excessive amount of distress. Thus, they permitted to continue utilizing it. 

Bhang Recipe

In fact, the term “bhang” was given when the flowers and leaves of the chosen female cannabis plant have been made into a paste. Throughout the dynamic changes, the world additionally had gotten the equivalent part of the bhang, which is a drink that is prepared through utilizing the paste. 

The general and standard way of making the bhang is through drenching the flowers and leaves of the chosen female cannabis place in clean water and afterward crushing them to result in a paste. Traditionally, the past was then rolled into balls that garner the name of “bhang goli,” a gleaming, green-hued ball to a dark-brown color, and smooth in texture cannabis ball.

As then, let us know the two (2) bhang recipes that you can try at home. Henceforth, this is the Bhang Thandai and Bhang Peda. 

Bhang Thandai

The most widely recognized bhang recipe out of all is the “Bhang Thandai.” This recipe calls for the contents of groundnuts, milk, and a wide assortment of flavors and spices. When the Holi festival is up to the celebration, the Bhang Thandai is often drunk on this special occasion. Additionally, this connects to a significant piece of with the god of discord, Shiva. 

Materials Needed:

1Mortar and Pestle
1Large Saucepan (must with lid)
1Fine Mesh Strainer (Alternative: Muslin Cloth)

The Ingredients:

3 cupsFull-fat milk
2 cupsWater
2 tbspGround Almonds
½ cupHoney or Sugar
½ to 1 ounceFresh Cannabis Flowers and Leaves (Note: You must choose cannabis flowers and leaves that are completely fresh to perfectly create the paste. In contrast, you can choose cured and dried cannabis, yet this will be hard to use as the paste can’t result in perfect. Utilizing dried cannabis makes the Bhang Thandai increasingly strong, and the best way to do is through modification on the measurement.)
½ to 1 tspRosewater
½ tspCardamom
¼ tspGaram Masala
¼ tspGround Ginger
¼ tspGround Black Pepper
¼ tspGround Fennel Seeds 
Chopped Pistachios (optional)

The Procedures:

  1. Using your large saucepan, put the water on it and on top of the stovetop and wait for it to boil.
  2. Through waiting for it to boil, chop your cannabis flowers and leaves finely.
  3. When the water finally boils, put the chopped cannabis flowers and leaves and remove them from the heat.
  4. For around 10 minutes, leave the chopped cannabis to sit on it.
  5. You need to strain the chopped cannabis materials in order to remove it, and then put the liquid in a safe bowl or container.
  6. In a new pan or can be not, pour the milk and let it warm on top of the stovetop.
  7. Your cannabis must then be placed in the mortar and pestle along with a few teaspoons of your warm milk. Next, grind it well that it would result in a paste.
  8. Keep on adding some milk one after another until you have utilized around a half portion of the cup, while still grinding as well.
  9. Again, strain the cannabis’ plant materials from the milk, and then put the liquid in a safe spot or container.
  10. Squeeze the paste tightly to guarantee that you will get the full goodness of your cannabis.
  11. Mix now the milk and water that were utilized to extricate and mix to gather the cannabinoids out from it.
  12. You need to mix the remaining milk, rosewater, ground almonds, and spices together with honey or sugar to heighten the taste.
  13. Lastly, stir it well before you started serving it.

Bhang Peda

Bhang Peda is a mouth-watering sweet delicacy that can be made whenever the Holi festival is just around the corner. You can make this recipe as the food that you can partner with the Bhang Thandai. This recipe calls for mawa, nuts, and ghee transformed into a delicious ball of peda that would additionally amuse your taste buds on the Holi festival.

The Ingredients:

1 cupMawa
½ cupGhee
½ cupSugar
2 tbsp Bhang Powder
2 tbspPistachios 

The Procedures:

  1. In a large frying pan, heat the ghee then also add the sugar and mawa on it.
  2. Knead it from time to time until the sugar will finally blend on all places of it.
  3. Next, put the bhang powder alongside with the pistachios, and then keep this mixture to chill off.
  4. When it is sufficiently cold, you can now start making the Bhang Peda with the shape of the coin or whatever you want.
  5. Lastly, let it sit in the refrigerator for about 2 to 3 hours.

The Benefits of the Bhang

Just as having bhang throughout some festive and religious happening, this has also been utilized in Ayurvedic medication in a long span of time. The Atharva Veda, an old Hindu book written and made around 2000 to 1400 BC, is where the bhang had been carved and is among the five holy plants referred by the book.

  • Throughout its wide range of benefits, this will also offer you the following remedies for migraines and headaches, rheumatism and pain, malaria, digestive issues, sunstroke, anxiety, dysentery, and fever.
  • In such a case, the legendary ancient warriors utilize bhang to quiet their nerves before putting themselves into a fight, as this helps them arrange their thoughts and movements in the best manner.
  • It lowers down anxiety that it has been known that some anxious soldier from the old age bravely slay an armed elephant, which it lead their army to win the battle.
  • Bhang is additionally worshipped as an incredible aphrodisiac that is the best four couple during the night of their wedding. Maybe it is not by chance that the most popular sexual channel guide ever written was distributed in a nation where cannabis plays a critical piece of the regular day to day existence. 


Bhang is utilized to help unwinding and contemplation, just as having a scope of expected advantages intended for various conditions. This likewise covers the old age method on how to consume cannabis, especially in Northern India. Bhang Thandai and Bhang Peda, two bhang recipes, flash the content of cannabis in a drink or delicacy as part of the things when the Holi festival started to happen. As a result, it’s then best to know the bhang recipe. 

In the event that you have utilized the sort of edibles, you ought to realize that devouring cannabis along these lines has amazing impacts that can take you to anyplace from the moment it started to kick in. In this way, it’s best if you practice and know the alerts before drinking the Bhang Thandai or entirely savoring the Bhang Peda. As then, after knowing how much it can affect you, you can then adjust the levels and quantity on savoring it.