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Best Weed Youtuber

In the current era of YouTube, knowledge about almost anything, including cannabis, is readily available. Unlike in the past when there were limited weed-related channels due to strict guidelines, today, cannabis YouTubers can be found across the internet. Whether they’re providing strain reviews, demonstrating edible recipes, or showcasing unique glass pieces, tuning in to cannabis YouTube channels offers a fantastic opportunity to expand your understanding of the plant and its culture. We’ve compiled a selection of excellent best weed YouTubers catering to the stoner community, ensuring you’ll stay entertained regardless of the strain you’re enjoying.

Best YouTube Channels to Watch High

If you’re a fan of all things related to 420, you’re likely to find pleasure in these stoner YouTube channels dedicated to cannabis culture. Several of them offer informative content, with a focus on the lifestyle associated with cannabis.

1. That High Couple

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Alice and Clark form the dynamic duo behind ThatHighCouple, an incredibly diverse stoner channel that is worth exploring. This entertaining couple embraces the high life and incorporates it into a wide range of activities. Their video content is not only interesting and entertaining but also educational. You’ll find informative videos such as “How to Grow Weed at Home” and “Tour Inside a Legal Weed Testing Lab,” alongside more lighthearted pieces like “SMOKING EVERY HOUR FOR 24 HOURS.”

With frequent updates, this channel ensures a constant stream of content for extended binge-watching sessions.

2. WeedMaps Tv

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WeedMaps TV, a well-known brand channel, provides a diverse range of high-quality cannabis content. Catering to both new and experienced cannabis users, the channel offers extensive introductory material for beginners as well as topic-specific videos such as the WeedMaps TV sports channel, Exit Drug series, and other branded online series. With top-notch production quality, WeedMaps TV stands out among weed YouTubers, making it an excellent resource for individuals exploring the world of cannabis or seasoned enthusiasts.

3. RuffHouse Studios

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RuffHouse Studios, a highly acclaimed channel, stands out as the best weed YouTubers channel within the YouTube community. Boasting an extensive library exceeding 500 videos, the channel covers a wide range of topics, including edible overviews, how-to guides, and product reviews. This comprehensive content makes RuffHouse Studios one of the most favored WeedTuber channels. The team’s commitment to high-quality production work is evident throughout, with a particular emphasis on the popular subtopic of cooking with cannabis. Overall, RuffHouse Studios offers cannabis consumers the strongest and most diverse content library in the field.

4. Mr. Canucks Grow

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Cannabis enthusiasts aiming to cultivate their plants can find valuable guidance on the YouTube channel, Mr. Canucks Grow. Hosted by Matt, a seasoned ganja farmer, the channel serves as a platform for sharing his expertise and experience with the global audience. Whether you’re a first-time grower or someone seeking to refine your cannabis cultivation skills, the channel’s content is a valuable resource that empowers individuals interested in home cultivation.

5. Royal Queen Seeds

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Comprising a team of seasoned breeders, this European cannabis seed company not only offers a diverse range of seeds but also provides extensive educational content on its website and YouTube channel. For those keen on delving into the intricacies of cannabis cultivation, exploring their channel is highly recommended. The majority of their content focuses on various aspects of growing cannabis, offering insights into topics such as pH measurement and humidity control.

6. Coral Reefer

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Coral, the content creator behind the Coral Reefer YouTube channel, guides patients and cannabis enthusiasts on navigating the cannabis community successfully. Alongside informative content, she also presents entertaining features like the Reefer Rambling channel. Coral extends her interests beyond cannabis, documenting non-cannabis themes such as indulgent donuts and her global travels. This diverse range of videos ensures a captivating and enjoyable content experience for any cannabis consumer.

7. Munchies by Vice News

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Boasting over 5 million subscribers, Munchies by Vice News stands out as the most widely followed channel in this compilation. However, it doesn’t secure a higher ranking on our list since it isn’t explicitly a cannabis YouTube channel. Instead, the channel focuses on showcasing foods from diverse cultures, occasionally featuring cannabis-infused dishes. While not every video includes weed-related content, Munchies remains an excellent channel for those who enjoy tantalizing their taste buds while exploring the world’s most delectable cuisines.


Whether you’re in search of informative guides or entertaining marijuana-related content, here are 15 top-notch cannabis YouTube channels worth exploring. Consider subscribing to a variety of these channels or curating a playlist with the best videos to ensure a steady supply of engaging cannabis content. For those with a passion for the subject, starting a cannabis YouTube channel is a viable option, providing an excellent entry point into the cannabis industry without significant startup expenses. Moreover, if you attract a following, you can establish your brand and generate income through branded merchandise from Cannabis Promotions.

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