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What is the Best Weed for Sex?

Sex is an integral part of living as human beings. Without it, we would not procreate and proliferate on this planet. While there are many ways to enhance our sexual experiences, such as the use of aphrodisiac and many sex toys, there alternative options that will not only make you good at sex but get you high as well. Certainly, there are good examples of the best weed for sex out there, and it is only up to us to find out which ones suit you best.

What Are You Looking For?

Humans have different reasons why they want to have sex. There are categories or purposes in doing such a deed, and this could be the make or break for those who want to use weed for sex. You should ask yourself what are you looking for in sex and how it matches with the different strains that you want to use.

The cannabis strains that you choose to enhance your sexual experience depend on the kind of sex that you want to do. Solo or with a partner or with several partners, will all depend on the type of marijuana you are about to choose.

Another reason or category in choosing a strain is how your body reacts to such strain. Research and understanding how a certain strain makes you feel good about yourself are key to enjoy weed and sex. Different cannabis strains help stimulate the organs down there, but some strains knock you out immediately. You should be careful in choosing the type of weed you are about to consume before you go for it.

Lastly, you should also be looking out for the way you consume your weed, as it will affect your capacity for lovemaking as well. Marijuana takes time to take effect, and these effects can help boost your experience in sex. Different routes or methods vary differently when it comes to the time it takes for the cannabis to take effect. Smoking usually takes around 30 minutes before you feel its effects, while edibles take a lot longer than that. Using vape or other concentrated forms of cannabis only takes a few minutes before you are ready to go.

Be sure to know what you are looking for first before you consume weed. This way, you will know what to do with it and how you can proceed with doing the deed.

Best Weed For Sex

Now that you know what you want out of your sexual experience, it is time to choose some of the best weed for sex. These are highly recommended strains that will help boost your vigor, prolong your endurance, and make your feel sensual and sexier than ever before.

Bubblegum Kush

Bubblegum Kush is a slightly Indica-favoring strain that promises a more sensual approach to sex. If you are thinking about truly making love to your partner, smoke this Indica heavy strain first, and you will experience a more relaxed yet sensual approach to sex. The reason behind this is that Bubblegum Kush takes a while to kick in. This leaves you room for foreplay and gets you excited for the intense lovemaking session.

By the time the effects do kick in, it heightens your senses. Every touch begins to feel like silk, and your muscles begin to tingle and relax. Stress takes a backseat as you allow your body to be consumed with all the sensual energy that is about to burst from within. The sweet citrus notes from this weed also provide an intense kick of energy that should help propel your experience upwards.

Girl Scout Cookies

Masturbation is all about making love to one’s self. The key to masturbation is strong imagination and a vivid memory. These are the things that make your private moment more intense and self-gratifying. This is the reason why Girl Scout Cookies is the best weed if you want to do some time for yourself.

Girl Scout Cookies help enrich your imagination and boost your level of concentration alongside your memory. It provides you with a steady amount of energy while you slowly relax. After a few more hits with this strain, expect a great ending to your already satisfying experience. Not only does it provide simple pleasures in life, but it also helps boost your capacity to bring your imagination to life.

Granddaddy Purple

If you want a more relaxed approach to sex or a great morning or afternoon sex filled with intimate moments, then this weed is for you. The grape and berry flavor and aroma of this weed is an enticing treat for partners who want to share intimacy. It relaxes the muscles and promotes euphoria that is essential for making you happy all around. Smoke this weed again after a session, and you get to feel both your hormones flourishing within you as you become elated again and again.

Sour Diesel

Sometimes, we experience a level of heat that cannot be quenched until we are up with our sexual partner. The hunger for flesh cannot be satiated with just a single smoke, but it would be better to choose Sour Diesel if you want to go round after round of intense lovemaking. Sour Diesel is the secret weapon for those who want to last long and still get it on even after four or five rounds. This weed generates a good amount of energy that will keep you going. The high energy you receive promises nonstop action for you and your partner.


Sex comes in different shapes and sizes, and the experience varies from one person to another. Sex can be very kinky sometimes, and if you are feeling a bit kinky at the moment, Jillybean is there to serve you. This highly uplifting and euphoric strain promises you and your partner or partners some rowdy good time. It incorporates new imaginative and creative ways to help keep your sex healthy and satisfying. With all the creative juices flowing, looking for ways to improve your roleplay is much easier.


With so many strains to choose from, there is no wonder why marijuana and sex always go hand in hand. The best weed for sex is always available at your local dispensary, and you can ask them which ones are the best for the different ways you interpret and express your love to your partner.

Pick and get your preferred strain here at marijuana seeds.

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