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15 Best Movies to Watch High

There comes a time where you have a long holiday, and you have nowhere else to go. The best thing to do is to grab that weed stash of yours and get comfortably stoned at home. The second best thing to do is to order some food that you have been craving for the whole week. Set up your home theater system and get all your equipment ready because you are in for a treat for the list of best movies to watch high that you will surely enjoy along with your bag of weed.

The Best Movies to Watch High

1. What We Do in the Shadows

You can watch this using The Orchard. What We Do in the Shadows is not as good as you think, but it will kill time and prepare you for the rest of the good movies on the list. This is a mockumentary that is aimed at vampires that are coping with living normally in the real world. You can notice that the effects on the movie need a lot of improvement.

2. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

This series can be streamed on Netflix. Although this is not considered a movie, it will keep you entertained for hours as it brings a calming vibe and a sort of excitement that will poke your creativity. Plus, the hosts are charming, and a lot of architectural techniques and creations will keep you amazed and planted onto that sofa.

3. Inception

Do you want something that will make your mind twist? This is one of the best out there; Inception is indeed a winner. Nothing is more satisfying than a movie that tackles the three levels of the mind. Even the visual effects will turn you around. You will not be disappointed with this one.

4. Arrival

Speaking of mind-twisting and bending, Arrival is one great alien movie that you can enjoy. That’s it. It involves logic and emotion that will give you the creeps. Also, try to appreciate the sound effects that were put into this; it’s detailed and realistic.

5. Planet Earth

This is a Netflix and a BBC series that tackles the planet earth. Imagine that bag in your hand, that came from the earth. This show is an absolute classic; this will enhance your imagination while giving you the knowledge of the things that you didn’t know about. Spoiler alert, you should stick until Season 2, Episode 1, it will surely make your mind crack.

6. The Great British Bake Off

This can be viewed on Netflix and BBC; if you need sweet recipes that you can accompany your cannabis, The Great British Bake Off will surely satisfy you. This will take you to candy and cakeland, with the proper combination of subtle piano background, good looking hosts, and seriously mind-boggling sweet creation. I am sure you will choose a favorite that you will root for until the finals.

7. This is the End

Starred by Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, and Suzanne Hanover. This is starting to grow as a classic; this is absolutely over the top hilarious. It will give you an absolute idea on how to survive the end of the world. In this, you will surely question yourself if it’s the show or the cannabis that is tripping you.

8. Inside Out

No matter how old you are, there’s always that kid hidden inside you. This will tap into your inner kid and will surely hit your soft spot without breaking your heart. It will give you the idea of how the mind works and, most of all, it’s wholesome.

9. Avatar

Nothing beats a 20th Century Fox movie, especially when we talk about the top-grossing movie for a number of years. Avatar will give you an adventure of a lifetime while waking up your mind and making you aware of the results of messing the environment.

10. Dazed and Confused

This is one of the top stoner movies out there that you can jump in millions of times without even getting used to it. It’s quirky, it’s relatable, and you can rely on it. 

11. The OA

If you are a type of person that wants to get their mind tangled up with puzzles and all sorts of stuff, then this is the show for you. The O.A is about a vanishing woman that recruited 5 other members to complete a mission. That’s all I am about to tell to not spoil you.

12. Reefer Madness

You can watch this for free on youtube; this is about a ridiculous and yet hilarious propaganda that speaks about the dangers of smoking weed, which was called devil’s grass.

13. Star Trek: Discovery

This can binge-watch this on CBS. If you have a lot of time, then this series will consume all of it. This will take you to a whole new world that will surely make you fall in love with the story as well as the characters, which sure will give you a love-hate situation. 

14. Pineapple Express

This is an absolute stoner film from start to finish. This will take you to the deeper world of drug dealerships, hitmans, and other crazy stuff. Surely, you will enjoy this up until the end.

15. Friday

According to many, this is the greatest stoner movie ever created. There is no debate to start with. Ice Cube performed the best cinematic scene of his career. I won’t spoil you, but it’s totally dope.


Now that you have the best movies to watch high, you can now plan your rest days without letting them pass by doing nothing. You can add this to your arsenal to keep you entertained while having fun with your stash. You have 15 movies and series that you can choose from in order to give you the maximum enjoyment.

 But just remember, do not let this moment be ruined by getting yourself very stoned by finishing the whole stash. Always be considerate of others and your health. Consume what’s only necessary and consume only what your body can take. Be responsible, and enjoy it!

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