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Banana Sundae Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Banana Sundae Feminized Marijuana was developed by crossing the attractive Sundae Driver with the flavorful Banana OG. The majority of this marijuana’s characteristics are inherited from its father. The Banana OG MJ genetics are responsible for the Banana Sundae Feminized Marijuana strain’s sweet banana taste. At the same time, the Sundae Driver strain’s DNA is responsible for her colorful buds that are heavily coated in resin. Expect this Banana Sundae Feminized Marijuana strain to be tall and have green and orange hues as she matures. Crystal white trichomes cover her as well. It is a Sativa-dominant strain with an average THC level of 20%.

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Banana Sundae Feminized Marijuana Strain Specification

Type: Sativa-dominant

Genetics Parents: Sundae Driver x Banana OG

Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks

Climate: Sunny Warm Mediterranean

Yield: Above Average

Flavors: Banana Grapes Hashy sugar milk

THC Level: 20%

CBD Level: 1%

Height: Tall

Harvest Period: Mid of October

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Banana Sundae Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Indulge in her delicious banana taste and smell with hints of grapes and hashy sugar milk that will stick on your tongue as you exhale the smoke of the Banana Sundae Feminized, thanks to parents with rich terpene profiles. Don’t be surprised if her body-calming high hits you hard and lasts a long time. Expect to feel comfortable, just as when you’re enjoying a fruity dessert on a sunny island afternoon. Your mind is likely to be stimulated with new thoughts when your body slowly goes to sleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of Banana Sundae Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Banana Sundae Feminized Marijuana strains with high THC content have been shown to have a variety of medicinal effects, including relief from headaches and migraines, as well as relaxation. The limonene terpene in this marijuana strain is used to alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety, while myrcene is thought to serve as a control, improving other terpenes’ benefits.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Banana Sundae Feminized Marijuana Strain

Banana Sundae Feminized Marijuana strain also carries some adverse effects. Its common adverse effects are dry eyes and dry mouth but can be alleviated by drinking plenty of water and using eye drops to keep yourself hydrated.

How to Grow Banana Sundae Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Banana Sundae Feminized Marijuana strain is a happy giver, and her yield will remain high if you plant her indoors or outdoors. Since she’s a sativa, she’ll grow tall. When she’s inside, she’ll take her time to bloom. After 9 to 10 weeks, you should be able to harvest an above-average yield. By the middle of October, you should be able to pick her buds outside. If she lives in a Mediterranean climate, she will enjoy it even more because she is susceptible to cold and wet conditions. If you live outside of the Mediterranean, you should consider growing her in a greenhouse.


4 reviews for Banana Sundae Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Gerald

    It is a really sweet smoke! This delicious skunky flavor cannabis is one of my top choices… Everyone will love raising this high-resistance crop because it is very easy to handle and requires just basic care. This plant is great for my indoor garden since it grows compact and bushy. Well, great!! In just 8 weeks, I got good yields. I’m impressed by this success!! This delightful treat alleviates all of my anxieties and tensions. With just a few puffs, I was able to feel the high of this weed; I began to relax without causing any cerebral fuzz, allowing me to fully focus on my work task. Thank you, MJ Garden, for this awesome strain!

  2. Diane Wilcox

    I decided to cultivate Banana Sundae outdoors. This strain is wonderful and gave me an excellent yield in just 9 weeks. This beautiful sativa can grow tall, and produce beautiful buds. Looks like I chose the right strain for me. The fragrance and taste of this strain sticks in my nose and tongue as I smoke this sativa. Delicious banana-flavored strain and a smell of sugar and grapes! A solid hit of a body high and can last for a long time!! An incredible strain. Really made me comfortable as if I was on vacation! Lol. Perfect before my bedtime. This can surely knock you off and send you to dreamland.

  3. Elias V.

    This luscious banana weed was among my top picks! This gave me a lot of fun ideas after I smoked it! It’s a great companion for me as a songwriter when I need to accomplish all of my composition songs within a day. I’m been more creative and able to come up with new ideas… Growing this is an exciting experience, aside from the effects. Because my area is currently in warm weather, I was able to collect great yields in just eight weeks of cultivating it. On my mini rooftop garden, it looks fantastic! This cannabis is ideal for those of us that need to be more creative and energetic.

  4. Hugo R.

    Hey, man!! If you love bananas as much as I do, you must try this! It has a fruity aroma with earthy and hashy undertones. As the smoke hits my mouth, I feel a more enhanced strong earthiness combined with a more specific banana and grape flavor, as well as a delicious velvety milk lingers in my mouth. After 9 weeks, I was glad to harvest fresh buds with abundant harvests. Outside, my plant grows tall and robust… I was taken aback by her body-soothing high, which hit me hard and lingered for quite some time. I feel like I’m sitting on the balcony of our beach house, eating a delicious dessert! It’s fantastic, MJ Garden, and I give it a five-star rating!

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