Banana Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Banana Kush Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 22 percent. This is why it’s relaxing, calming, and euphoric. This is a small strain only 90 to 100 cm high but can produce yields up to 700 grams per plant outdoors. You’ll love this relaxing strain with sweet, tropical flavors.

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More About Banana Kush

Huge Banana Grove Flavor

Banana Kush grows into a medium length; its dense flora grows with elegance with its vivid color green leaves. Aside from that, the best part that every grower wants to achieve is its huge flowers. This strain is ideal for cultivating indoors; it is known that the Kush is more prospers using a hydroponic medium and combines with the Sea of Green setup. You may also maintain the room temperature between 20 to 27°C to prevent any moisture-like diseases such as mold. After 7 to 9 weeks of the flowering period, it yields as much as 550 grams of flavorful buds per square meter.

But for those growers, who tend to cultivate outdoors, it is considered to be more ideal as the plant loves to bask under the sunlight. It also grows with its full potential, especially when you exposed it under warm, sunny temperatures. By the harvesting period of the early month of October, expect to have as much as 700 grams of great buds under an optimal setting. Additionally, growing outdoors must require routine monitoring, especially in areas that have uncertain weather conditions.

Banana Kush is perfect for someone looking for a taste of tropics. Its taste and fragrance are noticeably banana-like. Banana Kush is considered the best-tasting strain around. Having a THC content of 17 to 21%, this Indica-dominant strain will guarantee sound sleep that may experience within a couple of hours. While having a journey into dreamland, those consumers may also love its calming euphoric high. Banana Kush inherits the best traits of its genotype parent, Ghost OG and the Skunk Haze.


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