Jock Horror Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Autoflower Jock Horror Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a potent cannabis strain with high yields and automatic and feminized characteristics. It is a small strain that can flower early in just 7 to 9 weeks. It is an all-female strain which means you will only grow females with no males that can accidentally pollinate your plants.

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Jock Horror Feminized is a sativa seed also know as Jack. This multiple marijuana hybrid is of skunk, northern lights and haze variants which bring a powerful buzz. This variety develops a great amount of resin; the seeds when planted bring out glistened resin glands in its branches.

When raised correctly, it is sweet, stony, uplifting and tasty toward Nirvana. This wacky weed is delightfully delectable to both mind and palate. Jock Horror Feminized is quite easy to maintain for new growers and is considered ideal in hydroponics settings.

The strain is also famous to have attractive yields and can be grown both indoor and outdoor. There is an instant budding of the seeds, which makes it very perfect for quick harvesting. Moreover, the Jock Horror Feminized variety is a known pest resistant. It has a component of “ganja” which makes the strain very potent. Because of the said element also, the taste of Jack very smooth and the effects very strong; its smoke itself is appealing and addictive at the same time.

Coffee shops in Amsterdam were reportedly using these nice-smelling plants.

Most essentially, Jock Horror Feminized brings out no lingering reactions or hangover. It tends to smell nicely but skunky when tasted.

Jock Horror Feminized Growing And How To Buy Cheap

To buy Jock Horror Feminized for sale from our seed bank, you do not need to use your real name. You can choose any name that you would like to be printed on the regular sized envelope containing the pack of Jock Horror Feminized marijuana seeds. We do not have an online catalogue for marijuana seeds but we do have a website where you can order Jock Horror Feminized cannabis seeds and other marijuana strains at low prices but ensured with quality.

For your Jock Horror Feminized strain order, you can pay it with cash, through credit cards and via bank transfer.


Type : Feminized
Flowering : (65 – 75 days)
Climate : Mediterranian
Yield : 400 / 500 (g/m²)
Height : High plant
THC Level : High
Cultivate : Outdoor
Medical : Yes
Strain : Hybrid

6 reviews for Jock Horror Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Morty Jefferson

    I was blown away by the spicy taste of this strain! It was very pleasant and had a berry flavor that was really nice. I felt really strong munchies after packing a bowl of this. Effects of this strain were some of the best I ever had! Euphoric and energy filled buzzes wait for you at the end of the hit. Simple growth and responsiveness to the training made this worth the buy. Good yields as well! i am pleased with this strain!

  2. Harry Bridges

    Growing weed is not easy, but lucky i found this strain which is very easy to grow and has a fast flowering time! The taste and aroma of this strain is very smooth and sweet, plus the impact is very strong. I once used this strain when i was having hang over and i am absolutely amazed as it easily takes away the pain in my head! Very therapeutic strain. The orange and icy trichomes of this strain is very aesthetic. I will surely gonna buy this strain again!

  3. Charlie McNamara

    I am fond of growing my weeds indoors and grown this strain with the hydroponics method and wow! it’s very easy and flourishes very well. The looks of this strain are very nice maybe because of its glistering glands in its branches. The effect is also very therapeutic and the high it offers is so strong! Highly recommend this strain!

  4. Howard Allen

    This was the strain I used to grow during my first few years of weed planting. Can’t wait to try them out again in such a long time! I am around 3 weeks before harvest, excited to see how they turn out. Buds looking mighty fine, very trich filled just as I remembered. I am using a 5×5 grow site with a 100w setup. Love the sevice, Mary jane’s Garden!

  5. Audrey S. Jackson

    I never expected that a seeds would be this perfect! I’m now loving this strain, it was recommended to me by friend and i never regret that I bought this strain seeds. It’s not just an easy growing strain but the effect is so worth the money. I highly recommend this strain because you’ll see where your money goes if you harvest your crops. Now I’m enjoying the end product with an amazing impact! Thank you for having this strain! I’m surely gonna buy again here in this store.

  6. Maggie P.

    Wow! Did not realize it was this easy to grow weed! Really need it for my back as it was killing me! Definitely a bang for the buck! Really worth it! She practically grew on her own! I’m really happy with the results! Will surely come back for more!

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