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Autoflowering Feminized Seeds: Expert Guide

With the rising popularity of planting a cannabis plant inside the comforts of household and outdoor conditions is prospering every year, it is becoming more challenging to distinguish every crop’s needs and wants. Regardless, the importance of knowing the maximized information possible is beyond valuable now that almost every state and country is considering the legislation process of marijuana.

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One of the most critical data in growing cannabis is whether it is available in feminized or non-feminized forms. Whatever it is, it’s clear that auto-flowering feminized seeds are the most convenient pick. 

As a grower, you should be able to spot the essentials you will need in growing auto-flowering feminized seeds. Failure to do so will make you groan in frustration with a taken advantage, which is why we will be giving you an expert guide on that matter.

What is Autoflowering Feminized Seeds?

To understand each terminology of the type of seed, let’s define the two first. Autoflowering refers to plants that will automatically, as the name suggests, thrive on its own without natural factors. Meaning, unlike other seeds that rely upon its growth to sunlight, auto-flowering won’t be needing the peak of its growth.

On the other hand, feminized seeds are bred to eradicate any male plants and only conceive full females. Note that female plants possess innumerable advantages that are not present in male plants, making heavy smokers highly preferred.

So, putting the two together will result in having a sought-after seed that is convenient to grow. Aside from the definition it gives, other things are making auto-flowering feminized seeds stand out. Most of the time, growers looking after auto-flowering feminized seeds are experiencing abundance in yield and potency of the bud.

As a cultivator that uses the marijuana market for extra earning, retailing auto-flowering feminized seeds will mean additional consumers and purchasing power. Besides, you get to experience a hassle-free method, too. 

Regular versus Autoflowering: Which is better?

Despite being ideal, some are still into regular plants, and by some, the majority are extending their results through markets as well. Due to that, a battle between the two is rising every chance some grower spark arguments about it. Between the two, which is better?

A regular marijuana plant, also called ‘photoperiod,’ relies more on the outdoor environment because it will need specific seasons to thrive. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean they cannot live indoors because they can. However, they have to undergo significant changes due to the lighting cycle. 

For instance, if you are growing impatient on your plant’s stages, you can always enforce the phase through it. By doing so, you will have to provide a light cycle that will run every 12 hours. The sudden alteration in the light period will impose a thought to plants, thinking winter is near to start its flowering phase accordingly.

On the other hand, auto-flowering plants will not need a light cycle to enter a specific phase in their lifetime. When they are ready for harvest, then they will produce buds right away. In other words, there would be no messing with lighting anymore. In auto-flowering plants, expect colossal yield and influential buds to appear.

An example would be auto-flowering strains like Royal Gorilla Automatic that will have a maximized THC level and return. Typically, it would only take eight weeks until the harvesting period comes. With little to none disadvantages, it’s no wonder that auto strains and cannabis plants are progressively becoming popular these days.

What are the benefits of Autoflowering Feminized Seeds?

Apart from winning over regular photoperiod crops, Autoflowering Feminized seeds have some more benefits up its sleeve that will either persuade you to grow one or buy strains that came from the said seed. Nonetheless, here are the benefits that you will have to expect:

Small and Manageable Build

Usually, the majority of auto-flowering plants can only grow in approximately 19 to 23 inches in terms of height. Because of that, growers who prefer minimal designs in their homes often have it by their tables or windowsill, and anything it can fit like compacted spaces.

Shorter Period of Growth

As mentioned, auto-flowering seeds tend to reproduce because of their independence. Meaning, you can grow as many marijuana plants as you want in a year and have it harvested in a shorter duration of time.

No need for extra efforts

Autoflowering seeds, perhaps, are the easiest to grow because you won’t need lighting materials and any adjustments related to that. You can keep it in darkness for a moment and still have an abundant yield in return.

Therefore, the anticipating benefits that await you as you try planting one will certainly keep you at your toes. After knowing the advantages of auto-flowering feminized seeds, let’s proceed to the tips in growth requirements.

Expert Guide in growing Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

The growing method for auto-flowering feminized seeds is similar to any instructions you will find in cultivating any regular seed. However, the difference that will set it apart from others is its less-hassling modifications. Meaning, if you prefer to plant it somewhere in your house, you can do that because it will need no lighting cycle to achieve growth and prosperity. 

But, there might be misleading information that might confuse you and lead you to several mistakes. Surely, you wouldn’t want that to happen. After all, you will be getting a quality plant in return. To make sure you are considering everything, these are the expert guidelines that should assist you:

It is better to grow Autoflowering Feminized Seeds indoors

Though there was no location requirement in planting the recalled seeds, it doesn’t mean you can flaunt it outside. Like any typical plant, it might be susceptible to destructive forces that could end its life instantly.

Reduce the feeding frequency

Due to the small stature, you shouldn’t feed it much during its vegetative phase. Doing so might enlarge its size that could make it tower over you. When that happens, the primary purpose of planting an auto-flowering feminized seed will go to waste.

Consequent harvesting

If you happen to plant various seeds collectively, the harvesting period will usually occur at one time. During the said course of time, it would be best not to take all the buds out for harvesting. Sometimes, you can also refer to the maturity period first before taking it all out.

Plant as many as you can

Starting one crop of the seeds doesn’t mean you will stop there. Admittedly, a series of batch expecting to undergo harvesting is more than exciting. If you think it might only add stress, it won’t. It will only feel like cultivating a natural photoperiod plant at once.

As guidelines go, there will be times that you will feel obliged to start a rule on your own, which is not a bad thing. You just have to ensure that the autoflowering feminized seeds will have the best care more than ever.

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