Auto CBD Kush Marijuana Seeds


Auto CBD Kush Marijuana Seeds is a high CBD cannabis strain with 14 percent CBD and only 7 percent THC. This is a small strain only 80 to 100 cm tall but can produce good yields. It is a relaxing and euphoric strain with earthy, flowery, pine, and sweet flavors.

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5 Seeds $75.00
10 Seeds $130.00
25 Seeds $250.00


More About Auto CBD Kush 

A Medicinal Take On A Classic Kush

Auto CBD Kush (1:1) is a CBD and auto-flowering version of Kandy Kush with equal ratios of CBD and THC. The intricate process of crossbreeding this strain with an unknown Ruderalis allowed this specific weed to have fast flowering abilities that will give growers a chance to cultivate high amounts of yield from this medicinal strain. The complex process of balancing CBD and THC within this weed has been very difficult. This hybrid strain perfectly balances the fine line between the mind soaring effects of THC and the mellow tones of CBD.

When smoking this weed, users are bound to have a functional high where you can continue working on projects and still be baked. This weed allows you to feel relaxed as you tackle creative projects and induce a good amount of mental clarity. With its high CBD content, one can expect to have health benefits from smoking this weed. Users with depression are recommended to toke this strain for its mood-changing effects. Chronic pain sufferers, including migraines, arthritis, and fibromyalgia, should be consuming this weed daily.

While it may be a bit difficult to cultivate, growers are advised to plant this weed indoors where environmental factors are more controlled.


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