Auto CBD Haze Marijuana Seeds


Auto CBD Haze Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with high CBD at 8 percent and only 7 percent THC. This is a relaxing, focused, and happy strain with pine, spicy, citrus, and sweet-flavored buds. This is a beginner strain that can grow in any environment with temperate and sunny climates

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More About Auto CBD Haze

Fast Flowering, Highly Enjoyable Medical Cannabis

Auto CBD Haze is a fast flowering plant that carries the Haze genetics along with Ruderalis. This balanced strain offers quick growth and high CBD content that should satisfy any medical marijuana tokers. With CBD content reaching as high as 8%, this strain offers the typical Haze effects and fruity flavors. Tokers of this weed will often find the cerebral high to be quite mellow due to the CBD content; however, the effects are still very potent, especially the ones that induce health benefits.

This evenly balanced weed delivers a sensual experience to the brain, causing it to open up and declutter your mind from negative thoughts. Often consumed in the afternoon or early in the evening right before dinner, this weed has powerful medical value as it eradicates all stress and fatigue accumulated from the day’s work. Imagine having to sit down, enjoy dinner, and toke some more of this weed until you fall asleep. That is how Auto CBD Haze should be enjoyed.


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