Auto CBD Cheese Marijuana Seeds


Auto CBD Cheese Marijuana Seeds is a very stinky balanced cannabis strain with very high CBD at 12 percent and low THC at 6 percent. This is an average-sized strain with good yields. It is calming, euphoric, sedating, and relaxing with cheese, flowery, sweet, orange, and herbal flavors you’ll surely love.

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More About Auto CBD Cheese 

An Astounding Medical Strain Despite Its Pungent Smell

Auto CBD Cheese is stinky cannabis that is associated with powerful mind-bending Sativa high and classic Indica relaxing experience. The addition of an unknown Ruderalis strain enabled this well-balanced strain to generate high amounts of yield. Growers will surely appreciate this lovely addition to its genetic pool. Along with its pungent yet recognizable smell, this hybrid is a classic in its own right. Given its equal ratio of THC and CBD, one can enjoy both effects at one go.

Users will encounter a cerebral rush that is very much distinct to Cheese. The mental clarity that soon follows is a delightful effect that slowly winds down to a calming sensation that radiates all over the body. This remarkable strain has a lot of therapeutic value, as well. The anti-stress properties reduce the diminishing effects of stress in the body. Meanwhile, the mental rush flushes down any concern of depressive or anxious thoughts, thus elevating the mood of its user.

As much as growers would love to cultivate this weed under the bright sun, its pungent smell should be enough for you to keep this weed under tight wraps and hidden inside an indoor facility.


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