Aussie Blues Marijuana Seeds

Aussie Blues Marijuana Seeds is a very flavorful cannabis strain, a favorite among people who want a stimulating, euphoric, and happy strain. It grows well in all environments and can produce good yields. It is also a medical strain as you can use this to deal with inflammation, stress, pain, anxiety, and depression.


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This strain is an offspring of the cross between the Australian Boesi also known as “Duck” and an unknown Haze variety. With the Haze variety known worldwide for its strong effect and the Azura variety for its delicious taste and potency made possible the delicious and strong characteristic of the Aussie Blues seeds. It has a sweet lemony taste.

This seed grows into a tall and bushy cannabis plant. Grows up to 110 cm in height. It has a high THC content of 15% to 20%. The tips are crowned with gold THC crystals and the resins glands produce a sativa with a cerebral high effect. The high is so uplifting and creates a recognizable giggly effect. A great plant to grow inside a greenhouse or large grow room. Excellent under lights or hydroponics.

It is not so easy yet not so hard to grow. Best for indoor growing yet still good for outdoors too. Comes in discreet packages to buy online.

Quantity: 10 seeds Flowering Time: 10-11weeks
Type: Sativa 90% Harvest: End of September
Climate: Indoor-Outdoor Stoned/High: High
Yield: 400 grams/plant THC level: 17% – 20%
Height: 70 – 110 cm Grow Difficulty: Moderate




How To Buy Seeds For Growing Aussie Blues

If want to smoke a type of weed that gives you a cerebral high that will have you giggling for hours on end; Aussie Blues cannabis seeds are the perfect strain of cannabis seeds for you. This cannabis seed is best grown indoors under hydroponic cultivation but can also adapt when placed outdoors. Aussie Blues cannabis seeds grow to up to 70 – 110 centimeters and can produce 400 grams of pot for each female plant you grow.

If you choose to buy Aussie Blues marijuana seeds from us, you have the option of paying with your credit card and have your package shipped under a different name in order to protect your privacy. We ship pot seeds internationally to countries like USA, Canada and Australia. Each pack contains 10 high quality marijuana seeds but to show you how much we value you as a customer, we will give you a few extra marijuana seeds of a different or the same weed strain absolutely free! And, if you spend over $100 on seeds that you will get either 10 regular seeds or 5 feminized seeds for free.


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