Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Amnesia Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-sativa cannabis strain with high THC. This strain is very stimulating, energetic, and euphoric. You will love its citrus, spicy, earthy, and woody flavors and you can use this strain to ease conditions like anxiety, stress, pain, inflammation, and depression. This hybrid grows well in sunny, temperate, and cold environments.

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More About Amnesia

For The Days When You Need To Forget

How can you say no to a strain that is so good you can forget your name? Amnesia is an intensely award-winning strain that was made after crossing an Afghan and a Haze. This strain is famous for increasing the user’s energy, providing lots of happy times. In terms of medical problems, this strain is recommended for people who encounter illnesses like anxiety, emotional problems, and stress.

When planted, the seeds of the Amnesia are perfect for cultivating. It has a structure that is similar to a Christmas tree. This strain does not require too much attention, and you will truly appreciate all the abundant yields. If you plant the strain to grow more abundantly, the best option is to grow indoors, in a grow room, and in a grow tent. The flowering stage usually lasts within 9 to 10 weeks, and the results are about 650 grams worth of buds per square meter.

2 reviews for Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Marilyn Smith

    Probably this strain is perfect for me. From seed to smoke, I have nothing to worry about, let me feel the best feeling, such an incredible experience! The cultivation was pretty fast and an easy one. With the big and purple nugs, from an unbelievable harvest. I got a yield of mine of 900 grams per plant, which is totally crazy. But the name of this strain is not leading to its effect, when smoked, you actually won’t forget anything, but instead, you will be energetic, alive, alert and enthusiastic!! I loved it! Made me ready for all my daily activities. Really a mood amplifier!!!! Uplifts me every time I smoke this one.

  2. Merlin Drysdale

    When these buds were out, they were dripping with resin. The yield was incredible. The seeds of Amnesia fem germinated well. It certainly lived up to its brand. This strain is extremely strong. It is not for the light smoker because it contains 24% THC, which is incredibly high! You’ll be on your backside with this weed. So far, I’m delighted with what I’ve got. The seeds turned out well and aromatic, and I’ve had excellent results. I’m looking forward to rolling up my next joint of this bud and putting the next few hours behind me.

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