Amnesia Lemon Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Amnesia Lemon Marijuana Seeds is a high THC sativa-dominant strain with high yields despite its small size. This flavorful classic is just 100 cm tall but can produce up to 500 grams per square meter indoors, and up to 600 grams per plant outdoors. It is a calming, relaxing, sleepy, and uplifting strain with earthy, lemon, and spicy-sweet flavors.

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More About Amnesia Lemon

Energetic, Social, and Fresh Experience

An all-star strain that will surely make you happy, the Amnesia Lemon offers a smoke that will provide you enjoyment and excitement for growing. Offering a steady high, this strain is famous all over the world for being one of the greatest hybrids. Perfect for a smoke during the middle of the day, the Amnesia Lemon can help you get an energy boost when you are starting to feel tired and sleepy.

The Lemon Skunk and the Amnesia Haze are the two parent strains that gave birth to this strain. Moreover, the great thing about this strain is that this can thrive in almost any kind of environment. This is very easy to cultivate and culture, which makes this strain ideal for beginners and a favorite of experienced growers.

This strain grows bushy and short, and it is distinguishable through its green-colored leaves, which turn purple when the temperature lowers. Though it is technically dominant in Sativa characteristics, it looks like an Indica in its physique.

4 reviews for Amnesia Lemon Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Kristel Mackie

    Its a great outdoor summer grow, seriously an awesome plant to be in my backyard, it’ll made my neighbors envious, even if they don’t smoke marijuana! Lemonade comes to mind only from the smell, which is reminiscent of lemons and pine. It’s just as refreshing to smoke it, and it gives me the most incredible high I’ve ever had, like soaring above the clouds while still allowing you to do some creative stuff. I also advised my brother to use this weed to remove his fatigue and body pains. He said it was effective after he smokes this Amnesia lemon. EFFECTIVE!

  2. Gregorio Hoppe

    Amnesia Lemon has the ability to make me forget something. It helped me forget about my depression, which was fantastic. The lemon flavor is good. It’s a little more sativa-heavy, which is possibly why it’s so good at raising my spirits. All of my seeds germinated perfectly and grew extremely quickly. Plants were medium in size, and the yield was also medium. I was so taken with the effects that I believe I will rise again. Even though it’s homegrown, it’s definitely medical grade. I grew it indoors, and it wasn’t too difficult for a decent return. Nice THC levels with a touch of CBD to relax both the body and the mind.

  3. Tashina Sneller

    Amnesia Lemon Fem was the weed I’m looking for. It is a weed that would help me handle stress and depression. I work long days and get depressed by the end of the day, so I’m glad I have something to look forward to when I get home. When I ordered online, the delivery was fast, and the plants were easy to grow. I’m almost 350 grams and just puff in the evenings. It keeps me awake and inspired, and it smells and tastes like pure lemon and spice, which is a bonus. This week, I get creative and create art and even paint. In general, my life has changed dramatically. A decent buy!!!

  4. Melisa Rubi

    This strain really will make you forget about everything. It helped me treat my depression, eradicates my anxiety attacks, and made me mentally healthy, which was awesome. Good lemon flavor. It is a little heavier on the sativa side, which is probably why it’s so good at lifting my mood. All my seeds popped ten out of ten, and they grew quicker than as I expected. I got medium-sized plants and a medium-sized yield. I enjoy the recreational effects so much I think I will rise again. Nice fast. Amnesia Lemon also helped me to sleep earlier and relax than before.

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