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American Pie Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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American Pie Strain produces a potent physical and cerebral high that has long been a favorite among cannabis fans. American Pie marijuana strains are quick-hitting that promotes euphoria and mood enhancement. Users will start to develop upbeat and positive attitudes. Then, as the head rush intensifies, sights and sounds start to distort, making the experience more surreal while still giving users an euphoric psychedelic high. It has been demonstrated to be an effective medical strain. American Pie is cannabis that will occupy and treat all cannabis users, whether they use it for enjoyment or medicine. It has a natural bag appeal of muskiness and fruits.

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What is American Pie Strain?

American Pie Strain is a result of crossing Power Plant’s production capacity and White Widow’s powerful resin production. It is a basic plant that is 80% Sativa and adapts well to any growing method. This strain is unquestionably a THC cannon. This hybrid strain can grow to a height of about average and has a light complexion. Being a Sativa, it has long, slender twigs that are densely covered in resinous buds. The plant blooms for 60 to 65 days and produces an above-average yield of 500 g per m2 at 600W when grown indoors. Hemp has a sweet flavor and a potent psychedelic effect with a strong cerebral effect due to its high THC level of 19% and low CBD content of 0.4%.


It has a fruity aroma that has some musty and damp-earth fragrance. It is an aroma that users look for as it has that natural scent commonly associated with cannabis.


It hints at citrus fruit, sandalwood, fresh grass, and spices. It provides a powerful, balanced effect that is invigorating at first and has a relaxing finish. When you light up the weed, the thick smoke can be harsh and induce some heavy coughing. As you exhale the smoke, an aftertaste of pine and earthy flavor continues in the mouth.


It is a resilient, small- to medium-sized marijuana plant with medium-sized leaves that grows copious amounts of dense buds indoors (especially when SOG and SCROG are used) and outdoors in temperate or continental conditions. All your problems will disappear into its sizzling beauty and sparkling resin crystals, leaving you comfortable and at ease.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Power Plant x White Widow
Strain Dominant: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.4%
THC Content: 15 – 20%
Flowering Time: 65 – 75 days

American Pie Strain Growing Information

American Pie Strain is a type that is very simple to grow and is environment-adaptable. As a result, it is appropriate for beginners because it overlooks all errors. This strain is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultures. Indoors it is a medium-tall plant at 60 – 160 cm. It produces very good yields of 550 gr/m2 in a flowering time of 65 – 70 days. Outdoor growers of the American Pie Strain should be exposed to a warm, sunny, and partly humid environment. It is what they enjoy, and they begin to grow quickly. They thrive in these conditions and can provide you with a healthy production of between 550 and 1000 grams of top-notch American Pie cannabis. To ensure that these medium-growing plants receive the most airflow possible, prune them. Additionally, using this technique, light can reach the plant. They take nine to ten weeks to complete.

American Pie Strain Medical Benefits

American Pie Strain will start to make people joyful and brighten their moods. It is renowned for its medical capacity to help patients who have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and stress. Any anxious thoughts that contribute to these ailments can be simply suppressed. They develop a fantastic disposition and demeanor as a result. People with minor aches, such as headaches, sore muscles, arthritis, and other mild pain issues, can benefit from using this plant as a treatment.

Final Thoughts

American Pie Strain are fast-acting and known to elevate mood and induce euphoria. Users will start to develop upbeat attitudes. If you’re having a bad day and need to clear your head, American Pie Strain is a good option. It is a marijuana strain with a deep, seductive aroma and a sweet flavor with 20% of the total production is THC, while 0.6% is CBD. Given that it lacks the edginess of typical Sativa strains, the effect manages to be both psychedelic and calming at the same time. This strain is an easy to grow marijuana variety, which perfectly adapts to any kind of growing system. Here at Mary Jane’s Garden, you’ll be guaranteed and rewarded for all your effort producing American Pie feminized seeds with a quick-growing, sturdy plant that fills your stash with such a big harvest. Enjoy a unique experience as you purchase American Pie feminized marijuana seeds online here at Mary Jane’s Garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does American Pie Strain taste?

The taste of American Pie is amazing, with sweet flavors and hallucinogenic levels. The strain’s rich fragrances are highly seductive and potent. Your anxieties will disappear thanks to its sultry beauty and glistening resin crystals, which will also help you feel at ease and comfortable.

What are the effects of this strain?

Quick-acting marijuana strains like American Pie encourage euphoria and mood improvement. Positive and upbeat attitudes will start to develop in users. Then, as the head rush intensifies, sights and sounds start to distort, making for some surreal effects as consumers experience a pleasant psychedelic high! The physical high will begin to kick in as the mental high wears off. The user’s body will begin to feel a calming sensation. The entire body tingles from it! The user will feel waves of relaxation around their entire body as they begin to relax their limbs and muscles.

Is American Pie Sativa or Indica?

It is an 80% Sativa plant, a straightforward plant to grow, and one which adapts well to any system of cultivation.

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  1. Winston Jared

    Your high quality seeds have exceeded my expectations. I’ll definitely be a returning customer!

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