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American Haze / California Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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American Haze/ California Haze best originates from the Mexican Sativa. This has such a powerful Sativa drive. Its parents are descended from the Haze clan. Nothing unfavorable can be mentioned regarding its effectiveness. This may result in a sudden rush of inspiration and vigor. This is much more potent and effective than a caffeine boost. Without being jittery, it can finest rejuvenate your thinking. This is more promising as a feminized seed because it offers more Sativa advantages. This is just so fantastic for encouraging serenity without producing tiredness. Because of the use of the seed, marijuana users have evolved into lively people.

Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase American Haze/ California Haze Marijuana Seeds here at Mary Jane’s Garden, this will be a staple to your day.

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What is American Haze/ California Haze?

American Haze/ California Haze have diverse ancestry in South American, Thailand, Mexican, and South Indian natural plants. Haze is a well-known cannabis variety that was first developed in California. It is the father strain of several other Growers Choice varieties, including Jack Herer, Super Silver Haze, Amnesia, and Cinderella 99. American Haze/ California Haze is a Sativa-dominant plant with a very high THC and minimal to no CBD content. This marijuana yields a THC level of between 22% and 24% but less than 2% CBD. A bud of this Haze that has been rolled into a joint and lit emits a sweet, luxuriant, and pleasant earthy aroma as it burns. It has a fantastic flavor on the tongue, just one puff of this Haze launches you into space in a rocket filled with euphoric bliss as if that weren’t enough.


This Haze also draws attention with its citrus and earthy scent, including a kerosene undertone. It has an energizing, herbal sweet smell that will inspire your artistic activities. The uplifting sensation will leave you feeling happy and a bit euphoric.


Herbal, spicy, and sweet flavors may be found in this Haze. The bud may already draw people in with its earthy and citrus aroma before it even starts to collect resin. It has a strong scent that is also incredibly alluring.


American Haze is a big, lanky plant that demonstrates its Sativa roots. With the right outdoor growing circumstances, American Haze, like most Sativa strains, may grow to six feet. It is also fairly slim, with space between the leaves and the nodes where the flowers develop.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Colombian x Mexican x Thai x Indian
Strain Dominant: 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
CBD Content: Low
THC Content: 22 – 24%
Flowering Time: 60 – 75 days

American Haze/ California Haze Growing Information

American Haze/ California Haze is not difficult for seeds to germinate and flourish. Haze’s peculiarities can make gardening a little challenging for a beginner player. This variety is excellent for indoor and greenhouse gardening. It is frequently advised that growers begin the flowering stage relatively early, when the plant is no taller than 2 feet, as the strain has a tendency to keep on growing vertically for weeks after entering the stage. Keep in mind that American Haze roots will grow widely while deciding on a location or pot size. Once the flowers start to expand, you might also need to develop a support system because the weight of their buds can sometimes lead them to fall over. Our American Haze plants should provide up to 600 grams of fresh bloom per plant outside or 400 grams of fresh flower per square meter indoors.

American Haze/ California Haze Medical Benefits

Despite its long history of use for recreational purposes, American Haze/ California Haze has a lot to offer in terms of health benefits. This Haze is an energetic Sativa, yet many patients report it successfully reduces pain. People who are depressed can overcome it with the elevating sensations, and anxiety can be reduced in modest dosages (though there are better strains for this latter concern, as Haze can also cause paranoia). Patients receiving chemotherapy for cancer may find that Haze reduces their discomfort and nausea while enhancing their appetite. And perhaps surprisingly, some users have reported that this strain can relieve headaches.
Final Thoughts

American Haze/ California Haze is a sure variant that can deliver the pleasant high you are yearning for. This strain produce a euphoric and “hazy” feeling, and it quickly takes hold and endures. You’ll experience energy and elevation that may make you more focused and creative. Here at Mary Jane’s Garden, This haze is just so great for build up calmness without resulting in inactivity. Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase American Haze/ California Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds here at Mary Jane’s Garden. Check us out and enjoy bigger savings!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does American Haze/ California Haze taste like?

It has a sweet and slightly spicy taste and might taste a bit fruity or citrusy. All in all, this Haze has quite a nice, appealing flavor.

How to germinate this Haze?

Using a water glass and paper towel to germinate this strain is simple. If you follow the instructions in our Germination Guide, you can have cannabis seeds that are ready for the soil in a matter of days. Even better, using our approach, you are covered by our Germination Guarantee, which provides replacement seeds if fewer than 90% of your seeds germinate successfully (two-seed minimum).

How will the Haze make me feel?

A euphoric and “hazy” feeling is produced by haze, and it quickly takes hold and endures. You might get some dry mouth and eyes after taking considerable amounts of American Haze, but as long as you don’t use a lot of it, these adverse effects should go away quickly.

1 review for American Haze / California Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Dorris Huber

    American Haze is a good strain for me, especially in my afternoon chill-out time! A hit or two can give you enough high, that’ll last longer! A taste that will allow you to say that “Man! This strain is f*ckin good!” Awesome taste and aroma! Definitely makes for a good high. Really perfect for me, driving, sitting around or even whilst listening to music! Got me real stoned, higher than those buildings in your city. Decided to buy more, cause why not? This strain allows me to relax and have such a good vibe. And very easy to grow, easier than ever, nice and bushy. Offers you an excellent yield of great buds and beautiful flowers.

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