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Alaskan Thunder Fuck Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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The Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain can provide all of that in a snap, whether you want to relax or get rid of your headache. This marijuana strain is a combination of Alaska Sativa, Indica Afghani, and Russian Ruderalis that contains a high 22% THC level paired with a low 0.6 CBD content. This strain has a spicy but sweet, down-to-earth aroma that will make your day delighted. Even the pickiest smoker will be pleased by this strain’s perfect Sativa to Indica mix. Whatever name you call this strain, it is best known for its combination of medical and recreational purposes, regardless of what you write or read about it. Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain is known for giving a calming yet extremely euphoric high. It is also said to have a “creeper” effect and significantly increase appetite. This strain offers both a subtle physical relaxation and a strong sense of mental focus.

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What is Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain?

Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain is a legendary sativa marijuana strain from the Matanuska Valley region of Alaska, and is also known as ATF, Matanuska Thunder Fuck, or Matanuska Tundra. It was originally a Northern California sativa crossed with a Russian ruderalis, however, in the late 1970s, Afghani genetics were added to the mix to give it a more strong flavor. The high from Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain is a bit sneaky; it often waits until users have stopped coughing or dried their smoke-induced tears before becoming completely apparent. Smokers may notice a gradually increasing change in their senses, with some sights or noises taking on a whole different significance. Once users have adjusted to the new way of thinking, they can engage in deep analytical thought that is helpful for working on problem-solving scenarios or as a complement to spontaneous creative brainstorming.


Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain has huge, beautifully frosted buds that smell incredibly strongly of pine, lemon, menthol, and skunk. Base aromas include a nutty, chocolate-like aroma as well as wet soil and other undefinable smells. In addition, this strain has a spicy but sweet, down-to-earth aroma that will make your day delighted.


This strain produces a foul, bitter smoke that some people could find unpleasant or harsh. It has an acidic ammonia aftertaste. When exhaled, it is complemented by a lasting sour lemon flavor. Smokers should be aware that when this strain is burned, it can become highly fragrant.


The distinctive feature of Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain is its huge, hefty buds that are tapered and resemble spades. The flowers, which are a light shade of sea green, are readily ripped away from their main stems and have a fluffy feel and look. These fragmented leaves are punctuated by vibrant orange pistils.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Alaska Sativa x Indica Afghani x Russian Ruderalis
Strain Dominant: 70% Sativa 30% Indica
CBD Content: 0.6%
THC Content: 22%
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Growing Information

Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain can be cultivated moderately both indoor and outdoor, while outdoor culture necessitates a warm, semi-humid region with reliable daytime sunlight. Cold weather is proven to thrive when grown outside. Your plants, though, would also require lots of sun exposure and outstanding plant food to survive in colder climates. However, this strain prefers cold to moderate environments with temperatures ranging from 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You would have to provide the correct nutrition to develop these plants in cold climates to grow well and produce big yields. When grown inside, it takes a sativa-typically long 9 to 10 weeks to flower; when grown outdoors, it is ready for harvest in mid-October. Alaskan Thunder Fuck rewards growers with a great harvest for their labor. The hybrid can also be a highly smelly strain to grow, so anyone trying to keep their cultivation methods hidden should invest in odor control equipment such as exhaust fans. This strain yields 500 gr/m² for indoors and 850 gr/plant outdoors. Alaska Thunder Fuck Feminized seeds produce large, frosted buds that bring extraordinary excitement. It creeps on you as fast as the hunger it causes. When smoked, it gives off pine, skunk, lemon, and menthol’s intense fragrances.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Medical Benefits

Medical cannabis users may benefit from Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain’s extensive effects. Its prolonged lucidity could aid people with attention deficit problems in maintaining concentration on a single task. Users who experience mild to moderate stress and anxiety can benefit from its gentle mood enhancement, which encourages them to live in the present and be attentive of their actions. Some anti-inflammatory characteristics that help relieve headaches or nausea are among the physiological benefits. However, this strain is not advised for people who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance to THC since its cerebral onset may result in an uncontrollable feeling of “mind race.” Patients using medicinal marijuana to treat conditions like persistent migraines, PTSD, sleep difficulties, and more frequently choose this strain because it primarily affects the head. Thus, this strain is renowned for producing a soaring, cerebral head high.

Final Thoughts

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain can be a fantastic addition to trippy music and stimulating conversation between friends in a more laid-back situation. If you want to go about your day with a clear head, Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a good option. This is not something to be enjoyed right before bed because it may cause people to get hyper and wide-eyed. However, it makes a great wake-and-bake strain. Even for cannabis users with more experience, a little bit of this strong mixture can go a long way. This well-known strain’s seeds have been developed by various businesses and are now offered for purchase online. Over 300 feminized seeds are available for purchase here at Mary Jane’s Garden. It’s no wonder that this strain is one of the most widely used sativas in existence today with its rich, unexpected flavor profile and long-lasting head high. Treat your taste buds to the strong flavor of citrus oranges with a touch of spicy berries floating in the air with Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain!

Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is Alaskan Thunder Fuck?

Sativa-dominant Alaskan Thunderfuck has a twisted genetic background. It is said to have come forth as a result of a hybrid between an unidentified Northern California strain and an unidentified Russian ruderalis in Alaska’s Matanuska Valley (a less-seen genus of cannabis distinct from either indica or sativa).

Is Alaskan Thunder Strain Sativa or Indica?

It is a sativa-dominant strain. It creates a positive mood and sometimes makes you feel a little more talkative and imaginative.

What are Alaskan Thunder Strain effects?

ATF delivers a soaring, euphoric, cerebral high that electrifies the senses, relaxes the body, and uplifts the emotions. It is regarded as one of the best strains available. Some claim that the high from this strain is a little creepy. Some little bodily tingling develops as the high progresses.

2 reviews for Alaskan Thunder Fuck Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Halvorsen

    WOAH!! I had a gorgeous indoor plant that I grew using the SOG method, and it thrived after only 8 weeks of cultivation. I didn’t expect to get such high yields indoors; I received over 500g per square meter… This is really effective for my joint pains, and my sister, who suffers from terrible migraines, appreciates it. When the buds are lit, you’d better grab a hold of yourself! A delightful mixture of fruitiness is detectable once the smoke flows inside my mouth. It smells like a blend of bananas and oranges, which helps to mask the weed’s bitter aroma. For pain alleviation, this is a must-have. NO MORE PAIN!!

  2. B. Doolan

    OH NO!! I’m pretty excited about this strain. When smoked, this weed emits strong odors of skunk, lemon, and menthol. I liked it since it had a strong citrus orange flavor with a hint of peppery berries lingering on my tongue. Its effects hit me right away and had a positive impact. The immediate euphoria produces feelings of pleasure and serenity. The colors in my surroundings appear to be livelier all over! Mine was grown in the outdoors with nutrient-rich organic soil. I collected around 800g for each plant after just 8 weeks, which is a massive yield for me!! Her buds are stunning, with a brilliant orange hue and sparkling hair. 100% RECOMMENDED!

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