AK-48 Regular Marijuana Seeds

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AK-48 Marijuana Seeds is a potent sativa-dominant cannabis strain with good yields and faster flowering. It is an average-sized plant that can produce stimulating and energetic weed which can help you deal with stress, chronic pains, anxiety, stress, and depression. This powerful hybrid can grow in almost all environments especially in temperate to sunny environments.

Seed PriceQuantity
10 Seeds $60.00
20 Seeds $110.00
40 Seeds $200.00


AK-48 is another marijuana strain that you would certainly choose compared to other marijuana strains that are not easy-finishing and not sturdy enough. This plant is noted for its easy growing capability and could only reach a medium height. This plant produces desirable yields quickly.

AK-48 has an odor and smoke that are extremely powerful and penetrating. The name AK-48 is actually due to the idea of associating with the one hit query that the smoke of AK-48 is. This marijuana plant is another one from Nirvana, one of the best seed banks in the world providing the least priced marijuana plants with good quality and promising yields.

This plant is suitable for commercial growers and even for home growers. This plant has a flowering period that is short, which is not usual for a Sativa plant. It produces buds that are typically not too leafy and compact. These buds of AK-48 would actually gleam with resin crystal coating. This plant has won 7 prizes in Cannabis cup. It was the second Best Sativa in the year 1999.

This plant is mostly Sativa and could provide from 400 grams to 500 grams per square meter of Sea of Green. It has high THC level with a percentage of 15%+ and it could be grown in greenhouse or indoors.


Type : Regular
Yield : 400 / 500 (g/m²)
Height : Average height
Flowering : (45 – 55 days)
Climate : Dry
THC Level : High
Cultivate : Indoor
Medical : No
Strain : Hybrid


AK-48 Growing And How To Buy Cheap

If you are looking for a place on where you can buy quality marijuana seeds online and still save money, the place you are looking for is right here. We have many different kinds of seeds including AK-48 marijuana seeds for sale at such low prices. Here, aside from going to our website to order AK-48 marijuana seeds online.

We accept payments from customers who order AK-48 cannabis seeds online through money transfers like Moneygram and EMT interac (for Canada customers), cash and credit card. The seeds that you will receive when you purchase AK-48 marijuana seeds will be delivered in the most private and secure way.


5 reviews for AK-48 Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Kenneth Westbrook

    Compared to other strains I bought before, so far this strain is the best! With its extremely powerful and penetrating high this strain is just perfect for me, exactly what I am looking for a strain! I can’t wait to get more of this!

  2. Ritchie R

    Such a great strain you have here. Tried a lot of strains before. So far, this is one of the best. It doesn’t make you wait long for harvest. In 2 months time, you will see it producing flowers. THC level is high so not advisable for longer use for beginners. For the experienced ones, they will love this. I am glad that I started growing this one out of curiousity.

  3. Frank

    This strain is really great. I can’t believe that this one is not getting much attention. After 7 weeks, you’ll have fully grown plants ready for harvest. Indoor or outdoor, whichever you prefer, won’t matter that much. This can grow in both environments. So if you are looking for a strain that has the top qualities you need, try this. You will never regret it. I will let you find out yourself.

  4. Kent Thompson

    I grow this in my backyard for fun. I was really curious. This quarantine enticed me to do a new hobby and so I chose growing marijuana because I have been smoking for years for both medicinal and recreational purposes. True enough, this strain was not difficult to grow. As I have said, I am a new grower but this strain and me, we are like best friends! Thanks to Mary Janes Garden also for giving us top quality strains!

  5. Dorothy Stanley

    I looooove this strain so much! I’m really happy that i bought it, because this strain never gave me a hard time in growing because it can literally survive in every environment! I highly recommend this strain!!

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