Afghan Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Afghan Marijuana Seeds is a classic strain that’s considered a beginner strain. This is a small pure indica strain that grows only 60 cm tall but can produce yields up to 450 grams per square meter indoors and around 600 grams per plant outdoors. It has an earthy, spicy, sweet, woody, and pungent flavors you’ll surely love.

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The Afghan is a crossbreed of wild varieties of Kush. It originated from the mountainous region of Northern Afghanistan. This pure landrace Afghan is almost 100% Indica.

The Afghan Cannabis seed has round fat leaves and big fat buds. Although it does not have many crystals, it has rich smooth hash like smoke. It has a very strong smell like that of the best Afghani hashish yet has a fruity and sweet taste.

It is high in Cannibidiol (CBD) thus making it a very valuable medicinal chemiotype. Since it’s medicinal, the Afghan is ideal to prevent vomiting (antiemetic) and those suffering from muscle pain (antispasmodic).

The Afghan can be grown indoor or outdoor. The Afghan can yield approximately over 400 grams per per plant indoor and up to 500-600 grams per plant outdoor. Growing time for Afghan is 8 to 9 weeks and is a must for someone new to growing or who has limited time for maintenance. This weed plant is one of the originals and has a reputation similar to skunk for being easy to grow.

Type : Mostly Indica
Flowering : 8-9 Week
Harvest : Begin October
Climate : indoor / outdoor
High : Indica body buzz
Yield : 350 grams / plant
THC level : Medium 10 – 15%
Height : 50 – 100 cm
Grow : Easy


How To Buy Seeds For Growing Afghan

It has a THC level of 10 – 15% and is very easy to grow. This strain of cannabis is number 2 in our list of best sellers. Afghan marijuana seeds can be grown in both indoor and outdoor conditions and will yield an average height of 35 – 50 centimetres. The best time to harvest is in the beginning of October.

Each pack of an Afghan order contains 10 seeds and we can immediately ship it to you as soon as your transaction has been completed. When you order Afghan weed seeds from our seedbank, you have the option of paying with your credit card, bank transfer or by sending cash through registered mail. We ship Afghan weed seeds worldwide and have had a 99% success rate in deliveries since 2003. What are you waiting for? Order now.


5 reviews for Afghan Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Ulysse Jacobs

    I am very happy with the way my seeds turned out! Grew into strong and mold resisting plants. They will do well indoors and outside. The buds were super dry and rustic looking. Thick layers of trichomes in both sugar leaves and colas as well. You will also have high yield rates, at least 400g per plant. The aroma was very pungent and smoky. Nice hits of sweetness and earthy flavors in the mouth. It starts with a strong mind buzz and then you will start feeling relaxed and slowly crash down. Great for weekends!

  2. Justin L

    I started growing a few seeds of Afghan Regular strain to feed my curiousity on growing cannabis. I grow this outdoors because it is legal in my country and I don’t have that much of equipments to grow this indoors. They all grew well and strong, and when I finally used this one, it lets you experience just enough high – a perfect choice for beginners. I also love that this produces large amount of yield per plant. I only grow about 5 plants and I got around 2632 g during my first harvest. I am sure, I will stick to growing this for a long time/

  3. Katie Sky

    Cancer patients keep coming back to me to get this Afghan Regular MJ because it really works on relieving their pain. As a grower, I cant help but be happy that I am growing this. I did the right thing when I chose this. It was because of its medical benefits that I became a big fan because I myself have experienced it. 5 stars for this!

  4. Joseph Dennings

    True to it’s promise, Afgan Regular Marijuana Seeds is a good strain if you are advocating the use for marijuana for medical purposes. I got this a few months ago because I always have anxieties, and I vomit a lot because of nervousness. I did not know what to do until I found this strain that solved it all for me. Now, I can manage myself. It’s all because of this strain. And I aint looking for another one!

  5. Charlie Hanson

    A few months ago, I decided to grow Marijuana indoors. This quarantine got me curious so I satisfied my curiousity by researching the best strain for beginner growers like me! To cut the long story short, I found this Afghan Regular Marijuana seeds strain after a day of searching. I immediately ordered my first set and planted it immediately after delivery. A few weeks later, I already had my first harvest! Growing it was really fun! I got 560 g in my first try!

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