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Afghan Chocolope Fem Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

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Afghan Chocolope Fast Version Strain is an almost purely indica hybrid marijuana strain that provides an excellent balance for both physical and mental stimulation. This strain was produced by crossing an unidentified autoflowering strain with the well-known Afghani feminized strain. As a result, you’ll get this couch-locking cannabis that also leaves them feeling completely euphoric! The THC content of this strain is about 17%, which contributes to its calming effects by reducing stress and chronic pain and boosting appetite. You can take this at any moment because of its relaxing and soothing effects. This strain is well-known since it is one of the three most well-known strains.

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What is Afghan Chocolope Fast Version Strain?

One of the best marijuana strains for both physical and mental stimulation is Afghan Chocolope Strain, which is almost entirely an indica mix. This strong beauty is 90% pure indica thanks to its legendary parent Afghani. But this fast version of Afghan chocolope strain is unique. Its strong indica is photoperiod-dependent, feminized, and ultra-fast flowering, as it grows quickly and densely, making it ideal for indoor production and a favorite among growers and cannabis cultivators. It can help with a variety of wellness issues and has a 17% THC content. It is ideal for relieving physical discomfort, depression, and chronic pain, like all indica-dominant strains.

Afghan Chocolope’s strain effects begin with a buzzing euphoric feeling, followed by a burst of energy that leaves you feeling energetic and prepared to take on whatever task you set out to perform. The buzzing rises as this energy boost occurs, putting you in a euphoric state as your moods are uplifted.
You’ll be able to experience the entire wonderful energy in your heads. However, it is best to finish the tasks as soon as possible because it will put everything on hold as the immediate effect is an instant feeling of sedation. This is a common strain that is ideal for negative thinking. This pressure will bind you to your couch whilst giving you a euphoric and intellectual high, in addition to improving your mood.


The aroma of Afghan Chocolope Fast Version Strain is pleasant and well-known. The fresh chocolates from the deepest part of the earth, with a hint of sweetness and vanilla. It smells like just-cut grass with hints of herbs and pine. A calming enjoyment is guaranteed by the symphony of flavor and scent.


Afghan Chocolope Fast Version Strain has a sweet scent and exploding vanilla, and earthy taste that soothes your tongue and soothes in the mouth, oozing with a chocolate covered flavor.


With thick layers of resin and large nugs surrounded by orange-hued hairs, this Afghan Chocolope Fast Version Strain develops into a medium-sized plant.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Unknown Strain x Feminized Afghani
Strain Dominant: 90% Indica
CBD Content: 0.20%
THC Content: 17%
Flowering Time: 7-8 Weeks

Afghan Chocolope Fast Version Strain Growing Information

Growing the Afghan Chocolope Fast Version Strain in hydroponics instead of a soil medium is optimal. When compared to other strains, this strain thrives well the most. When grown indoors, it can produce up to 500 to 600 grams per square meter of space. When developing outdoors, the strain can yield 900 grams per plant and the harvest period is in October. Install a humidifier inside the growing area to help with the humidity and remove extra moisture to reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew developing inside. Growers must place the strain under the sun when growing outside in order for it to absorb more sunlight. Given that you have little control over the outdoor temperature and humidity, this strain will require additional care.

Afghan Chocolope Fast Version Strain Medical Benefits

Afghan Chocolope Fast Version Strain is very beneficial medically. Medicinal marijuana patients who suffer from depression, stress, or anxiety might benefit greatly from its euphoric and mood-lifting high because it makes them feel joyful rather than depressed from the flood of negative thoughts that haunt their minds. A positive demeanor and an air of confidence give that user the motivation and inspiration to move on. This Afghan chocolope fast version strain is also a great option to treat pain-related conditions. Medical cannabis users who experience muscle pain, back pain, joint inflammation, and chronic pain can find comfort in using this strain because it has calming and soothing properties that numb the pain and relieve symptoms.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a strong and euphoric high, Mary Jane’s Garden offers the best Afghan Chocolope Fast Version Strain in the market. You’ll feel happy and energized as well as incredibly active, which will keep you going all day. This tasty and strong strain, with a THC content of 17%, is a certain favorite among both recreational and medical cannabis users alike! You will be able to tell that the Afghan Chocolope will be excellent from the moment you try it. Given that it is one of the strains with the fastest flowering periods, you’ll choose to grow another bunch as soon as the first harvest is over because of its amazing yield.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Afghan Chocolope fast version strain?

The Afghan Chocolope Fast version strain is a cross between Afghani and unidentified genetics that favors indica. You’ll feel quite calm and sleepy after taking this strain, which has an earthy undertone and a sweet chocolate flavor.

What are fast version strains?

Fast Version seeds often have a one- to two-week shorter flowering duration than regular seeds (compared to the original strain). This strain is the result of a hybrid between an auto flowering plant and feminized, superior light-dependent strains.

Is Afghan Chocolope easy to grow?

Chocolope grows well indoors, but give it plenty of room because it tends to get big if not maintained properly. Grow in soil or water, and top the plant to allow branch growth from the bottom. Although it takes a little less time than its parent, Chocolate Thai, Chocolope takes a while to flower.

3 reviews for Afghan Chocolope Fem Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

  1. fl2654 j

    WOAH!! I had a gorgeous indoor plant that I grew using the SOG method, and it thrived after only 8 weeks of cultivation. I didn’t expect to get such high yields indoors; I received over 500g per square meter… This is really effective for my joint pains, and my sister, who suffers from terrible migraines, appreciates it. When the buds are lit, you’d better grab a hold of yourself! A delightful mixture of fruitiness is detectable once the smoke flows inside my mouth. It smells like a blend of bananas and oranges, which helps to mask the weed’s bitter aroma. For pain alleviation, this is a must-have. NO MORE PAIN!!

  2. Gordon T.

    This sweet chocolatey strain is actually my favorite stress reliever. And I only smoke it when I’m in a bad mood, so I was surprised when my wife didn’t have any pain after smoking it when she was suffering from dysmenorrhea. She used to be in pain every month when she had her menstruation… now I have a cannabis growing buddy who loves to grow more of these. Though this herb is difficult for beginners (like my wife), it was a lot of fun for me to develop it… I just make sure to grow them in the warmest portion of my herb garden, and in only 8 weeks, I had tons of perfect weed… MJG, we’ll be your loyal customers!

  3. A. MacBain

    This strain thrives in the sun and produces large harvests of roughly 850g per plant, so I cultivated it in my side yard garden for just 8 weeks. I was surprised because I hadn’t expected such high yields… It has a sweet smelling scent in my nostrils and a burst of chocolate-vanilla flavor, as well as an earthy gooey taste that remains in my taste buds and is really soothing on my tongue, making me want to have more. It’s a real treat for me when I’m going through difficult times and need something to lift my spirits! Its energizing effect will appeal to all… It’ll be ideal for those who are stressed, and it will surely improve your mood! If you don’t try it RIGHT NOW, you will regret it!

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