A La Mode Feminized Marijuana Seeds


A La Mode cannabis strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid that offers a great mix of soul upliftment! This complements a body melt that can easily wash down any stress and tension in the body. The product of crossing Cookie Pebbles and Milkbone cannabis strains, this 22% THC flavorful delight will deliver that perfect afternoon toke for all who feel the need to have a great time while being weighed down by its pleasant effects! This weed also offers some heavy-hitting medicinal properties that can relieve medical ailments on mood disorders and physical pain.

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A La Mode Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Balanced hybrid

Genetics Parents:  Cookie Pebbles x Milk Bones

Flowering Period: 56 -70 days

Climate: Warm, sunny, arid

Yield: Unknown

Flavors: Berry, Creamy, Fruity, Strawberry, Sweet

THC Level: 22%

CBD Level: Unknown

Height: Medium

Harvest Period: October

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of A La Mode Fem Strain

Just like most hybrids, the dual effects of the A La Mode marijuana strain present a great complementing high of mental stimulation and physically stoning body high. A head buzz will start, putting some pressure on the temples that soon transforms into a euphoric sensation. Mood upliftment will be very evident. The user will be displaying a positive demeanor with a smile etched on their faces throughout the high. A genuine feeling of happiness will be welling deep within them, while all negative thoughts will be gone. A mind-clearing focus will make users more attentive to things surrounding them. As this euphoria is ongoing, a feeling of warm, soothing relaxation will be wrapping the user’s entire body in a calming and tranquil manner. It can get deeper as the body succumbs to the melting effects of the relaxation. They will start to feel weighed down by their already limber limbs. These feelings are so enjoyable that a day of this will be the perfect unwinding weed from a hard day at work!

A La Mode weed has a very creamy and sweet aroma as you break up its buds. Hints of strawberries and nuts will be noticeable. As a joint is lit, it gets even tastier as a strong berry flavor just swirls inside the mouth with a creamy texture and earthy cannabis flavor to enjoy! On the exhale, a fruity note will cling to the lips as an aftertaste. 

What are the Medical Benefits of A La Mode Fem Strain?

Medical cannabis patients who are diagnosed with depression and anxiety use the A La Mode herb to help them ease their minds from the constant barrage of negative thoughts that hound them. These thoughts cause depressive behavior and almost always lead to anxiety attacks. These pessimistic thoughts are locked out while high on this ganja and their minds are transported to a world where all they see is optimism and joy! It gives them a carefree attitude, giving them time to enjoy the world as they see it! Even those suffering from pain-related illnesses can use the A la Mode weed. It relieves them of the pain they are in. Conditions such as migraines, inflammations, and even fibromyalgia can be treated effectively. Its palliative and anti-inflammatory properties help numb the pain away.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from A La Mode Fem Strain

The body’s normal reaction to the intake of cannabis, just like alcohol, cuts back on the production of body fluids, such as saliva and tears. That is why most of those who use cannabis, including A La Mode, suffer from minor dry mouth and drying of the eyes. But this can be remedied by a constant intake of water or sugar-free liquids for cottonmouth. Eye drops are the best solution for those who suffer from dry eyes.

How to Grow A La Mode Fem Strain Seeds

A La Mode Feminized weed strains are known to be easy plants to grow. They are versatile and, being such, they can be grown either outdoors or, if the climate allows, outdoors. They need a warm, very sunny, and semi-humid environment to grow. These medium-sized plants need to be pruned once in a  while. This is to maximize the flow of air and light into the plant. Giving them an even and healthier growth. Feeding is also necessary and a regular weekly dose of NPK and trace elements will assure you that your plants will be healthy.


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