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24k Gold Feminized Marijuana Seeds


24k Gold Strain, It is a very potent combination that has produced a cannabis strain that grows well, has a pleasant aroma and flavor, and produces a high worth for any prize winner. It is known for its colorful and eye-catching strains. Indica dominant marijuana that is both sweet and nasty is produced by 24K Gold feminized seeds. After a busy day this strain is the ideal time to enjoy. A few hits at the start of the session will activate your creative thinking and bring about a sativa-style intellectual focus. You’ll experience euphoria, and all your troubles for the day will quickly go as it spreads to the rest of the body and leaves you in a very relaxed and chilled out state. Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase 24k Gold Feminized Marijuana Seeds here at Mary Jane’s Garden, this will be a staple to your day.

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What is 24k Gold Strain?

24k Gold Strain is a perfect example of a miracle of taste and enjoyment that combines the genetic heritage of two powerhouses. Kosher Kush and Tangie are the parents of 24K Gold Strain which is frequently referred to as Kosher Tangie. It was developed by DNA Genetics from the 2013 12x Sativa Champion Tangie and the renowned indica Kosher Kush. In fact, the finished strain is one of a kind and purebred. It produces a bunch that takes 9 to 10 weeks to grow, and the sweet, deep smoke it produces gives off a potent, euphoric high. 24k Gold Marijuana Seeds is a very powerful indica cannabis strain with high THC at 22 percent. As soon as the flowering stage starts, they release priceless scents of sweet citrus and intricate skunk overtones left behind by their ancestors. This is a short strain growing only from 80 to 100 cm tall but can produce good yields. It has citrus, pepper, and orange flavors that you’ll enjoy plus you can use this to deal with anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, and stress.

If you need help with anxiety and tension, This strain is an excellent strain to utilize. The high is powerful but calm. You don’t experience the extreme dizziness and heaviness that happens sometimes after using a similarly potent Kush variety. Because of this, you might not be aware of how high you are until you realize that you’ve been considering dinner or a movie for the past few hours. Despite being quite strong, the high is typically calm and moderate and doesn’t make you feel uneasy or paranoid.


Because of its potent earthy and pine-like aroma. It has a sweet citrusy aroma that is reminiscent of oranges. As the smoke diminishes, a faint sweet and flowery scent lingers.


Tangie genetics makes the piney kush flavor. Although the smoke is smooth and fragrant, it expands greatly in the lungs as it gives off a sweet and tangy smoke that tastes like oranges on the exhale.


The aroma of orange zest and fresh citrus attracts individuals when the buds of this strain are dried and cured. Some sensitive noses can also detect a little musk and pine hiding underneath. Thus, It has a very stretchy flower, and it is known for growing tall in its vegetative state. Coming with a relatively high THC level, this strain is equipped with medium to large flowers.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Kosher Kush x Tangie
Strain Dominant: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.5%
THC Content: High
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

24k Gold Strain Growing Information

The 24K Gold Strain may grow quite tall in the grow chamber and will continue to do so until the fourth week of flowering. As a result, it is advisable to take this into consideration while designing growing areas, both indoors and outside. In general, the strain takes up to 9–10 weeks to fully flower and can yield up to 550g/m2 under ideal circumstances. A lot of oil is produced by the fully developed blooms, which makes it a suitable candidate for hash manufacturing. It is also important to note that 24K Gold Strain is known to create 3 stable, excellent-quality phenotypes. You may need to have a lot of cultivation experience before considering growing this strain. This is because the plant can be temperamental and needs very precise care recommendations.

24k Gold Strain Medical Benefits

The well-balanced hybrid strain 24K Gold Strain provides both mental and physical effects. It’s a wonderful choice for social occasions because the cognitive buzz clears the mind and promotes positive thinking. The physical effects may help reduce pain and pains by calming the body. Because it aids in relaxation after a long day, this strain is best used in the evening. It is best used to help those who are experiencing or suffering from Anxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Inflammation, Migraines and Stress. Due to its strong effects, the 24K Gold strain is a favorite among recreational users. People experience a strong cognitive high from the high THC content, which clears their minds and makes them feel happy and euphoric. This strain is also known for its capacity to induce hunger, which makes it ideal for those who want appetite restoration which may be used as a supplementary treatment for insomnia and lack of appetite.

Final Thoughts

We heartily suggest this cannabis variety to anyone looking for a potent Sativa. It results in a powerful, long-lasting Sativa high that is full, clear, and cerebrally stimulating. It also causes some euphoria. This strong narcotic and slightly hallucinogenic impact eventually gives way to a wonderfully relaxing sensation in the body. You’ll feel like travelling through time on another world—Amnesia Lemon’s Strain planet!

Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is 24K gold strain?

24K Gold Marijiana seeds, often known as 24K or Kosher Tangie, was produced by DNA Genetics in Amsterdam by crossing Tangie and Kosher Kush. The seed bank has identified three 24K Gold genotypes, two of which lean more toward Tangie flavors, and one of which has a potent kush flavor with citrus undertones.

Is 24k gold a good strain?

The strain has strong effects due to its high THC content. It is highly potent and shows qualities of indica-dominant cannabis that include a significant feeling of relaxation. The users will have an uplifted, positive feeling, and their minds will begin to buzz with joy.

Is 24k gold strain indica or sativa?

Although it is an indica-dominant hybrid, it appears to have almost entirely sativa-dominant long-lasting physical effects. Tangie and Kosher Kush are crossed with a strong Indica component. Orange and tangerine flavors are prominent in 24k, which has a spicy, clove finish. Its uplifting and moderately sedative properties make it ideal for boosting creativity and helping those who are depressed.


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