24k Gold Feminized Marijuana Seeds


24k Gold Marijuana Seeds is a very powerful indica cannabis strain with high THC at 22 percent. This is a short strain growing only from 80 to 100 cm tall but can produce good yields. It has a citrus, pepper, and orange flavors that you’ll enjoy plus you can use this to deal with anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, and stress.

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More About 24K Gold

A Strain With Colorful and Eye-Catching Flowers

The 24K Gold, which is a 60 percent Indica hybrid, is a result of the marriage between the award-winning Sativa Tangie, and the classic strain Kosher Kush. It has a very stretchy flower, and it is known for growing tall in its vegetative state. Coming with a relatively high THC level, the 24K Gold is equipped with medium to large flowers.

When the buds of this strain are cured and dried, the smell of orange zest and fresh citrus draws people in. Some sensitive noses can also detect a little musk and pine hiding underneath. When smoked, these buds give a pepper meets fruit taste, which can be perceived as bitter to some people.

If you are considering growing this strain, you might need to have considerable experience in cultivation first. This is because the plant can be temperamental and require a few specific caring instructions. It usually flowers within 9 to 10 weeks of caring and maintenance.


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