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Most Productive Cannabis Varieties

A List of the 10 Most Productive Cannabis Varieties: Harvesting Plenty

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast and have decided to grow your own cannabis plants, it’s crucial to choose the right strains that will give you the highest yields. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 most productive cannabis varieties that promise bountiful harvests. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced grower, these strains are sure to delight you with their impressive yields.

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, the goal is often to achieve the most impressive yields possible. The cannabis varieties mentioned in this article have gained popularity for consistently producing large quantities of high-quality buds. By understanding the unique characteristics of each strain, you can make an informed decision on which one to cultivate for your next successful harvest.

Big Bang Fem – Exploring a Yielding Powerhouse

The Big Bang Fem strain is a true powerhouse when it comes to yields. With an impressive range of 750 to 800 grams indoors and 950 to 1000 grams outdoors, this strain lives up to its name. Its balanced genetics and robust growth make it a favorite among commercial growers and enthusiasts alike.

Additionally, the Big Bang Fem strain’s exceptional yield potential is attributed to its genetic makeup combining the best Indica and Sativa characteristics. This hybrid strain not only produces abundant buds but also exhibits a rapid flowering period, making it suitable for cultivators seeking quicker turnarounds. Its versatile nature allows it to thrive both indoors and outdoors, showcasing its resilience against various growing conditions.

Candy Jack Fem – A Sweet Yielding Delight

Candy Jack Fem is a delightful hybrid that brings both productivity and a sensational aroma. Indoor yields can reach up to 500 grams, while outdoor cultivation can reward you with a whopping 1000 grams per plant. Its uplifting effects and citrusy scent add to its overall appeal.

The Candy Jack Fem strain’s high yielding potential is a result of its unique blend of genetics, including the famed Jack Herer and Skunk strains. Its Sativa dominance contributes to its vigorous growth and tall stature, ideal for maximizing light exposure. The strain’s sweet and fruity aroma, coupled with its energizing effects, make it a popular choice among recreational users and those seeking creative inspiration.

Cheese Fem – Where Flavor Meets Abundance

Known for its distinct aroma reminiscent of cheese, the Cheese Fem strain offers substantial yields as well. With indoor yields around 500 grams and outdoor yields matching at 1000 grams per plant, this strain pleases the senses and the harvest basket alike.

The Cheese Fem strain’s exceptional yield potential is accompanied by its unmistakable fragrance that combines earthy, musky, and cheesy notes. Its Indica-dominant genetics ensure a compact and robust plant structure, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The strain’s potent effects and balanced cannabinoid profile contribute to its popularity among medical cannabis users seeking relief from various ailments.

Cotton Candy Fem – Fluffy Yields and Sweet Aromas

The Cotton Candy Fem strain is a favorite among those who appreciate sweet aromas and impressive yields. Indoor cultivation can lead to around 550 to 600 grams per square meter, while outdoor plants can yield 1000 grams or more. Its high resin production also makes it a choice strain for extract enthusiasts.

The Cotton Candy Fem strain’s abundant yields are a result of its Indica-leaning genetics that prioritize resin production and bud development. Its dense, frosty buds are rich in terpenes, emitting a sweet and sugary scent that resembles its namesake. This strain’s trichome-covered flowers are not only visually appealing but also hold immense potential for producing high-quality concentrates and extracts.

Diamond Girl Fem – Brilliance in Yields and Potency

Diamond Girl Fem is a high-yielding strain known for its sparkling resin-coated buds. Indoor yields of 750 to 800 grams per square meter and outdoor yields of 850 to 1000 grams per plant make it a rewarding choice for both personal and commercial cultivation.

The Diamond Girl Fem strain’s name reflects its exceptional quality, with dense buds covered in glistening trichomes that give the appearance of precious gems. Its Indica genetics ensure a sturdy and bushy growth pattern, allowing for generous bud development. Beyond its impressive yields, this strain boasts high potency levels, making it a go-to option for those seeking both quantity and quality in their harvest.

Great White Shark Fem – Unleashing the Yielding Predator

With its fierce name and even fiercer yields, the Great White Shark Fem strain dominates the cultivation scene. Indoor yields can reach up to 800 grams per square meter, and outdoor plants can produce a substantial 1000 grams per plant. Its potency and yields make it a sought-after strain for growers.

The Great White Shark Fem strain’s reputation as a high-yielder is matched by its intense and relaxing effects that resemble the power of its namesake predator. Its Indica-dominant genetics contribute to its robust growth and resinous buds. As an added bonus, this strain’s earthy and skunky aroma adds an enticing layer to its overall appeal.

Himalaya Gold Fem – High Altitude, High Yields

The Himalaya Gold Fem strain thrives in high-altitude environments and rewards growers with impressive yields. Indoor cultivation can yield around 600 grams per square meter, while outdoor plants boast 1000 grams or more per plant. Its unique terpene profile adds to the overall growing experience.

The Himalaya Gold Fem strain’s ability to flourish in high-altitude regions is a testament to its hardy genetics and adaptability. Its robust growth is complemented by a distinct terpene profile that emits earthy and woody aromas. This strain’s adaptability to various environments and its generous yields make it an intriguing option for cultivators seeking a unique growing experience.

Melon Gum Fem – The Fruity and Prolific Strain

Melon Gum Fem combines fruity flavors with prolific yields, making it a favorite among growers. Indoor yields of 800 grams per square meter and outdoor yields of 1000 grams per plant ensure a generous harvest. Its vibrant buds and delightful aroma enhance the growing journey.

The Melon Gum Fem strain’s impressive yields are matched by its captivating fruity aroma that evokes memories of summertime sweetness. Its Indica-leaning genetics result in a compact and bushy plant structure, maximizing bud development and resin production. Cultivators are drawn to this strain for its flavorful and aromatic qualities, making it a delightful addition to any garden.

Purple Thai Fem – Exotic Yields with a Cultural Twist

Purple Thai Fem brings a touch of exoticism to your cannabis garden, along with impressive yields. Indoor cultivation can yield around 600 grams per square meter, while outdoor plants also reward with 1000 grams or more per plant. Its colorful buds and unique lineage make it a captivating choice.

The Purple Thai Fem strain’s allure lies in its vibrant purple hues and exotic heritage. Its Sativa genetics contribute to its towering stature and elongated buds. Beyond its generous yields, this strain’s visual appeal and energetic effects provide a multi-dimensional experience for both growers and users alike.

Rock Candy Fem – Compact Plant, Big Harvests

The Rock Candy Fem strain proves that compact plants can still deliver significant yields. Indoor yields of 450 grams per square meter and outdoor yields of 500 to 1000 grams per plant showcase its potential. Its resinous buds and easy cultivation make it a great choice for various growing setups.

The Rock Candy Fem strain’s ability to produce substantial yields from its compact stature is a result of its Indica genetics that prioritize bud development. Its name accurately represents its trichome-covered flowers that resemble crystallized candy. This strain’s ease of cultivation and resin production make it an appealing option for growers with limited space.

Tips for Maximizing Yields

To make the most of these high-yielding strains, consider the following tips:

  • Provide adequate light and nutrients during each growth stage.
  • Maintain proper spacing between plants to allow for optimal airflow.
  • Prune and train your plants to encourage even canopy development.
  • Monitor environmental conditions to prevent stress and disease.
  • Harvest at the right time to ensure peak cannabinoid and terpene levels.


Choosing the right cannabis strain for cultivation is essential to achieving abundant yields. The 10 varieties mentioned in this article showcase impressive productivity and unique characteristics that cater to different preferences. By following best practices and optimizing growing conditions, you can maximize your harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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