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Thai x Skunk had won the award as the Best Indica Bio at the Cannabis Cup of 2003. It is a cross of the Thai and Skunk, with the Skunk genetics contributing to its faster growing cycle ad higher yield. The Thai parent influenced its taste and aroma.

It is mainly a Sativa, with a dominant Skunk influence, giving a high of a body buzz with a stoney effect and a trip of body dead paranoia.

The weed is generally very easy to grow and is suitable for indoor cultivation. The plant, which is mostly indica is 60 to 80 cm in height, The THC level is an astonishing 15 to 20%. The yield is 400 grams per square meter after a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks. Harvest time is mid September. It is more suitable for indoor farming.

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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 8-10 weeks
Type : Indica-Sativa mix Harvest : Mid September

Climate : Indoor

Stoned/High : Stoned - indica body buzz
Yield : 400 grams/plant THC level : 15 - 20%
Height : 50 - 80 cm Grow Difficulty : Easy - Moderate

Buy Thai x Skunk Seeds
Thai x Skunk Marijuana Seeds

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Being the product of two popular marijuana strains namely Skunk #1 and Thai, Thai X Skunk is a great experience for any pot smoker out there. This particular plant has an extraordinary taste and high. When you buy Thai X Skunk marijuana seeds, you are to harvest about 400 grams per square meter. Know that in growing Thai X Skunk, you are to cultivate it indoors and it usually takes about 8 to 10 weeks for it to flower. Now, given that this plant has a small structure which is about 50 to 80 cm, this has a high THC content of 18 to 20%. When you order Thai X Skunk cannabis seed from us, Mary Jane’s Garden, rest assured that any information gathered will be treated as highly classified and will only be used for transaction purposes. Also, you can visit our website for tips, reviews and guides on how to grow Thai X Skunk.