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Skunk Special marijuana seed is the enhanced and improved version of the Skunk#1. With the intension of pleasing the skunk growers and lover, this strain was developed.
The plant is small, 50 to 80 cm in height with tiny leaves as well. It has an orange rush flavor and smell attributed to the dense buds with red orange hairs.

After several tokes, the weed will give a smooth and strong high without crashing effects. The THC level is 12 to 15%
Well suited for indoor growing, the plant yields a 500 grams harvest in mid September.

A special feature of the strain is the smell it produces, once you brush against the plant, it will easily be attached to you and will fill the room with its lingering skunk smell.
Special Skunk is a bit hard to break but very fresh.
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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 8-9 weeks
Type : Indica - Sativa Mix Harvest : Mid September

Climate : Indoor

Stoned/High : Stoney yet High
Yield : 500 grams/plant THC level : 12.5% - 15%
Height : 50 - 80 cm Grow Difficulty : Easy - Moderate

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Skunk Special THC level is 12.5%-15%. This type of strain is best for indoor cultivation. However, our cheap Skunk Special marijuana seeds can also be grown outdoors. Just make sure you protect it against molds and pest infestations. With proper cultivation, you can yield as much as 500 grams by the middle of September. For Skunk Special growing, buy your seeds from our online seed store. In every purchase you will make. Grab this great offer and buy Skunk Special pot seeds from Mary Jane’s Garden. Since the year 2003, our seed bank ships Special Skunk cannabis seeds and other pot seeds across different countries including the United States, Australia and Canada. We do it in a discreet way. All information you provided while you do your Skunk Special order are safe with us. Expect a fast delivery because once you complete an order, we will process your transaction for a same day shipping. Keep in mind that Skunk Special delivery may vary with countries. .