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Buy Silver Pearl Marijuana Seeds

Silver Pearl Cannabis Seeds

Considered as a true pearl of the weed kingdom, the Silver Pearl is a known hybrid form of the Indica Sativa, which is a copious and short flowering resin production and the best product. This strain was created through the combined variant of Skunk #1, Northern Lights and Early Pearly during the early 1990s in the United States. It is a known form of cannabis among White weed strain growers.

The Silver Pearl is described as big, glistening and dense buds having trichomes. These types of buds are considered for its potency in contrast with the White cannabis type of seed; the firmness of the Sativa composition makes this marijuana type to experience an extreme power despite giving out a drowsy effect when users smoke it. The Silver Pearl is a marijuana strain is tough, quick and vigorous that makes it a perfect weed for beginners and an ideal crop when weight and potency are talked about for weed growers and experts.

This cannabis carries an acrid and sweet bud with just a Skunk undertone.The Silver Pearl manages to feature all of the necessary characteristics from its parent source and only grows in a matter of 7 weeks or less.

Quantity :10 pcs. seeds Yield :400 / 500 (g/m²)
Height : Average height Flowering : (55 - 65 days)
Climate : Sunny THC Level :Medium
Type : Regular Cultivate :In and outdoor
Medical :No Strain :Indica

Silver Pearl Weed Seeds
Silver Pearl Marijuana Seeds

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Silver Pearl Growing And How To Buy Cheap

Silver Pearl is one of the best cannabis strains you can see in our website. Our company does not have an online catalogue for pot seeds because every now and then, we have new marijuana strains to offer you. The Silver Pearl weed seeds for sale you can buy from our seed bank are guaranteed with high quality and success in germination. With our seed bank, you can choose the currency you want.

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