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Shiva Shanti Cannabis Seeds

Named after Shiva, the Hindu god of transformation is the Shiva Shanti, the hybrid of an Afghan and Skunk varieties. It has the characteristic pungent smell of its Afghan parent blended with the honey sweet smell of the Skunk parent. The result is the delicious taste of the Shiva Shanti, a minty bubblge gum-like taste, so delicious.

Aside from its refreshing taste and aroma, it is even complemented by its high of a strong feel good essence, making you body ready to hit the bed. This is perfect for your bedtime pot.
. The seed is best suited for indoor growing and so easy to grow, making it highly recommended for beginners. Its height is 50 to 80 cm.

The yield is an impressive 500 grams per plant after flowering in 9 weeks. The harvest time is in the end of September.
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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 9 weeks
Type : Indica-Sativa Mix Harvest : End of September

Climate : Indoor

Stoned/High : Stoney yet High
Yield : 500 grams/plant THC level : 15 - 20%
Height : 50 - 80 cm Grow Difficulty : Easy

Shiva Shanti Weed Seeds
Shiva Shanti Marijuana Seeds

10 Seeds $60.00
20 Seeds $110.00

40 Seeds $200.00


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How To Buy Seeds For Growing Shiva Shanti

If you are a new grower who wants to try a marijuana growing venture, buy cheap Shiva Shanti from Mary Jane’s Garden. The taste and smell of Shiva Shanti is refreshing. It gives a mix of indica-sativa high, which makes your body feel more relaxed. If you will push through with your plan of growing Shiva Shanti cannabis seeds, expect a yield of 500 grams when September ends. Shiva Shanti cost from our seed bank is cheap. Without the need of coupons or big discounts, you can still have the advantage if you order Shiva Shanti from us. You can order Shiva Shanti from our seed bank through mail. Don’t worry about your account and personal information since we are keeping it safe and are used only for transaction purposes. The price of Shiva Shanti you can see in our website is the worth of 10 seeds. Since 2003, our seed bank ships Shiva Shanti and other marijuana seeds worldwide.