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The Purple Power, is also powerful in nature, it is very stable in colder climates and adapted to Northern areas for growing. It is basically an outdoor plant where it is best grown but it can also be cultivated indoors.

Being mostly a Sativa, the pot gives a Sativa high described with a cerebral buzz.

The weeds give off an uplifting cerebral buzz with the THC level of 15 to 20%, a strong one. It has a tall height of 250 cm.
When grown outside, the yield will reach up to 400 grams per plant after the flowers mature in 8 to 9 weeks. September is the best time to harvest.

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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 8 weeks
Type : Sativa Harvest : Begin of September

Climate : Outdoor

Stoned/High : Sativa High - Cereberal Buzz
Yield : 400 grams/plant Indoor THC level : 15% - 20%
Height : 70 - 90 cm Grow Difficulty : Easy

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Purple Power Marijuana Seeds

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If you want to have cheap Purple Power marijuana seeds with high quality, make your Purple Power purchase from Mary Jane’s Garden. We shipp overnight after you completed a Purple Power order from us. We can promise you of a same day shipping that is safe and confidential. Even if you do not own coupons, you can still buy Purple Power seeds from our seed bank at the cheapest possible price. If you decide to have a Purple Power growing outdoors, consider the idea of buying your seeds from us. The Purple Power marijuana seeds can give you a THC level of 15%-20%. Purple Power flowering takes place from 8-9 weeks. This good variety thrives well when grown outdoors and in a colder climate. It can be harvested when month of September begins and yield is approximately 400 grams.