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New York Diesel Marijuana Seeds

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Type : Mexican Sat. x Afgh. Flowering : 10 weeks
Climate : Indoor Stoned : Exotic High
Yield : 400 gms/plant THC level : 20%
Height : 35 - 65 cm Grow : Moderate

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New York City Diesel cannabis sativa, shortly called NYCD produces sweet strong weeds making it a good quality strain. a mix of the Sativa-Indica genes, a cross of the Mexican Sativa and Afghan strains, this NYCD is a favorite in the Big Apple.

NYCD has a strong exotic smell, a combination of the red grapes and diesel fuel but of sweet lemon taste. Once you touched the fresh buds, the smell will stay in your fingers for a long period of time.

Indoors is where it is grown best but it can also be grown outdoors but only in places of tropical climates or those similar with the California condition.

This strain flowers in 10 weeks and ready for harvest in September, yielding 400 grams/plant.

The high is exotic associated with the exotic smell and taste.

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New York Diesel cannabis seed is a Big Apple favorite since it has been discovered first in New York City. It has an exotic smell of diesel with a hint of grape and gives an exotic high and can get you stoned. This strain’s THC level ranges from 15% to 20% and its height grows up to 35-65 cm.

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