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After years of careful and repeated breeding of the original Silver Haze with other stains of white genes (i.e. New Super Silver Haze, White Russian, White Queen), this strain produces buds covered with rich resin with white hairs. A new and better version of the Silver Haze, comes Supers Silver Haze, yields greater and of better THC content.

It has a higher THC level of 20%.
The small sized plant of 50 to 80 cm cannot be under estimated for its petite stature gives a bulk harvest of 400+ grams of dried plants for every square meter of growing space. With a fast flowering cycle of 9 weeks, Silver Haze can be grown indoors but can also be used outdoors.

The high is really high, not many strains had equaled it, and it’s not a mind numbing high, a party favorite.
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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 9 weeks
Type : Mostly Sativa Harvest : Mid September

Climate : Outdoor

Stoned/High : Sativa high
Yield : 400 grams/plant THC level : 20%
Height : 50 - 80 cm Grow Difficulty : Moderate

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New Super Silver Haze cannabis seed is for sale at our seed bank. Our seed bank is one of world’s greatest seed bank which ships worldwide. We assure you that our cheap marijuana seeds have high germination rates. We have provided a price for New Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds at your local currency and you can purchase any marijuana seed that you want through mail order and by sending your payments through credit card, money transfer or bank wire. We will guarantee you that the price you will be paying is worth it. The cheap New Super Silver Haze we offer is a Haze hybrid oh white genes such as White Widow or White Queen and etc. This marijuana seed leaves a sweet taste and an incredible high. It is best grown outdoors but you can also plant it indoors. Purchase cheap New Super Silver Haze pot seeds from us now.