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Misty cannabis seed is a stocky, bushy plant with great yields. It is the sister of the White Widow. Although considered sisters, Misty is a more stable variation of the White Widow, and yields even greater. It gives off an offensive odor likened to that of an old sweat but is being compensated by its sweet taste, even leaving a sugary after taste to the mouth.
Misty is a short plant with lime green bubble like leaves misted with THC glands with buds so dense. It stands 50 cm. tall.

It finishes earlier than the White Widow in 8 to 10 weeks and harvested in September yielding 450 grams per plant.
Misty is best for indoor cultivation but can also be used outdoors.
It gives a sativa like high with cerebral buzz.
It has a strong THC content of 15%  to 20%.
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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period :8 weeks
Type : Indica - Sativa Mix Harvest : September
Climate : Indoor Stoned/High : Sativa High - Cereberal buzz
Yield : 425 grams/plant THC level : 17.5% - 20%
Height : 70 cm Grow Difficulty : Easy

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