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Buy Medusa Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Medusa Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Medusa is a hybrid marijuana strain which was a result of a breeding by using the genes of the very powerful Misty. It has been one of the favorites of expert smokers because of its high stunning effect. Its effect is so high that novice can become shocked with it. Experts use this ganja strain most especially if they want to experience a next level of high. It has sweet sticky buds which contain high levels of THC content. It is very easy to grow since you have the choice of feminized seeds. Well, everybody knows that buying and growing feminized marijuana seeds are a good idea if you want to get a very high yield of harvest.

There are times though those female plants become male plant a negative outcome of stressful growing method which is administered into the plant. This phenomenon is not common though but should not be taken for granted if you are growing for the first time or if you are trying different marijuana growing methods.

Grow Medusa Feminized if you want to experience a next level of high. Please be reminded not Medusa Feminized is not for the novice but if you are one but you want to take the risk then it's your choice. Just don't be shocked with its stunning effect which leaves a body buzz.

Quantity : 5 pcs Yield :400 / 500 (g/m²)
Height : Average height Flowering : (55 - 65 days)
Climate : Mediterranian THC Level :High
Type : Feminized Cultivate :In and outdoor
Medical :No Strain : Hybrid

Medusa Feminized Weed Seeds
Medusa Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Medusa Feminized Growing And How To Buy Cheap

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