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Master Kush Marijuana Seeds

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Type : Indica - Sativa Mix
Flowering : 8 weeks
Climate : Indoor

Stoned : Sativa High - Cereberal Buzz
Yield : 450 grams/plant
THC level : 15% - 20%
Height : 35 - 50 cm
Grow : Moderate

10 Seeds $75.00
20 Seeds $140.00

40 Seeds $260.00


Master Kush is an Indian-Afghani hybrid, crossed from two true breeding Indica strains that were selected from different parts of the Hindu Kush, how it also got its name. Weeds from these areas have always been regarded to be of best resin production and the Master Kush had inherited this quality. There also goes the same flavor from the parents, earthy and pungent with a hint of incense.

Many smokers of this pot is reminded of the charas hashish. It is of no surprise that the Kush weeds are the source of charas.

The weed gives a strong physical boosts but will not give mind numbing stoney effect.

Master Kush is a regular strain that can produce male and female. It can be grown outside in warmer climates. It is relatively small, 40 inches during the flowering stage, 8-10 weeks. Yields, 450 grams.

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Master Kush is one of the marijuana seeds that are popular in coffee shops and weed growers. It was called before as High-Rise and provides a THC rank of 15% to 20% which is undoubtedly can let you experience a satisfying high. This marijuana strain can be grown outdoors but is best grown indoors and greenhouses.

So if you are one of those weed growers that wants to purchase Master Kush, you’ve come to the right place to visit. We will not need for you to present a medical card before you can purchase this type of marijuana seed from us. We guarantee you that the pot seeds we offer have a high germination rate.