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Buy Master Kush Marijuana Seeds

Master Kush Marijuana Seeds

Master Kush Cannabis Seeds
Type : Indica - Sativa Mix
Flowering : 8 weeks
Climate : Indoor

Stoned : Sativa High - Cereberal Buzz
Yield : 450 grams/plant
THC level : 15% - 20%
Height : 35 - 50 cm
Grow : Moderate

10 Seeds $75.00
20 Seeds $140.00

40 Seeds $260.00


It was formerly known as High Rise. It was called so maybe because Master Kush was cultivated and developed in a high rise building in South Amsterdam. Mater Kush became an instant favorite in coffee shops. Due to insistent public demand, this hybrid was enhanced to perfection and later on marketed.

Master Kush is the F1 hybrid of two different Hindu-kush/ Skunk strains. Master Kush can give a good harvest with soil whether indoor or outdoor, greenhouses and even in hydroponics.

Master Kush has an earthy smell and gives a very smooth smoke. The  strong scent of citrus and sweet, but in spite of having a strong smell, it has a very smooth and mild taste. It stones you with a buzz..

The plant’s yield is 500 gm per square meter after 8-0 weeks flowering period. Harvest is ideal in the end of September.

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How To Buy Seeds For Growing Master Kush

You can find Master Kush marijuana seed at our seed bank with a price and great deals you surely don’t want to miss. The cheap Master Kush that we offer was first called as High-Rise and was instantly made favorite by coffee shops since it was marketed. Its THC level is about 15% to 20% which will give you absolutely an amazing high. This marijuana strain is best grown indoors and greenhouses.

Our seed bank will make sure your trust will not be wasted once you chose to buy Master Kush from us. Our goal is to give our customers the enough satisfaction through our cheap marijuana prices and excellent customer services and products. Your marijuana seeds order will be shipped immediately as long as there are no holidays that will disturb the delivery. We accept payments through cash, bank wire or credit cards.