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Named after Jack Herer who was the great activist and author for hemp and cannabis, the Light of Jah was born. Being the winner of many Cannabis Cup awards, the Light of Jah is one of the most sought after feminized marijuana strains by expert growers today. The breeding process for the Light of Jah was exemplary that it resulted to fruity flavor likened to that of another marijuana strain called Le Fruit Defendu. The Light of Jah gives that great Sativa high since it has an enormous amount of THC levels which ranges from 19% to 22%. After the 10 to 13 weeks of germination, the flowering cycle of this weed strain will start and the Light of Jah can yield 750 grams of weed per plant in an indoor setting. Indeed, the Light of Jah is one of the best strains which will keep its smokers as high as heaven.

Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 10-13 weeks
Type : Mostly Sativa Harvest : End of September

Climate : Indoor/Outdoor

Stoned/High : Sativa high - Cereberal buzz
Yield : 750 grams/plant Indoor THC level : 19% - 22%
Height : 100 cm Grow Difficulty : Moderate - Expert

Light of Jah Feminized For Sale
Light of Jah feminised Marijuana Seeds

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You can buy Light of Jah Feminized marijuana seeds from our online seeds bank and have it shipped to your doorstep. We have Light of Jah Feminized marijuana seeds and many other weed seed strains available for sale in our online seed bank. We are a small company composed of 5 marijuana experts who aim to provide ganja enthusiasts worldwide with the best marijuana seeds in the market at a low price. We have been operating and shipping to international customers since 2003 and have had a very high success rate of 99% in our deliveries. Light of Jah Feminized pot seeds are one of the most sought after weed seeds in the marijuana industry because of its delectable taste and high THC levels of 19% - 22%. This marijuana strain has won many Cannabis Cup awards. Light of Jah Feminized marijuana seeds grow plants that produce the a type of weed that is guaranteed to give the smoker a worthwhile cerebral high that is paired with giggling fits that can last for hours.