Buy Jock Horror Marijuana Seeds Package(50 pcs)

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Buy Jock Horror Marijuana Seeds Package(50 pcs)

Jock Horror Cannabis Seeds Package(50 pcs)

Jock Horror (50 seeds) is actually the most bought marijuana plant compared to other Jock Horrors with varying seed counts. You could be certain that this plant would give you a buzz and fresh flavor. In addition to this, you could be certain that its THC level would be high and it would not be difficult to cultivate or harvest as long as you comply with its certain requirements.

One of its requirements is to plant it in a Mediterranean climate. You could be certain that with this climate, this high plant would produce flowers you could expect from 65 to 75 days. Another requirement is to cultivate it outside. You should not worry for waiting of its flowers would be worthy. You can actually harvest its flowers in months of September and October. It is medical marijuana, and this is sure.

It has a strain of hybrid and it would certainly give you the different experience of medical marijuana, which is why, it is very sure why many people make this Jock Horror (50 seeds) their favorite. Furthermore, it is evident that people love it for it is a hybrid of certain plants such as Haze, Skunk, as well as Northern Light, which are also hybrids.

Quantity : 50 pcs. seeds Yield :400 / 500 (g/m²)
Height : High plant Flowering : (65 - 75 days)
Climate : Mediterranian THC Level :High
Type : Regular Cultivate :Outdoor
Medical :Yes Strain : Hybrid

Jock Horror Weed Seeds
Package(50 pcs)

Jock Horror Marijuana Seeds

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Jock Horror Growing And How To Buy Cheap Package(50 pcs)

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