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Ice Cannabis Seeds

During the 1990s, two strains of Marijuana gained popularity among Dutch farmers because of its high yielding capacity (Red Skunk) and the other one for its unique taste which is good for gourmet purposes (White strain). Nirvana made a hybrid of it naming it Ice strain. It is an easily produced and taken care of strain of Marijuana with an astounding 25%THC, making it possible for its medical potency. One of its best medical usages is for pain management. Other uses are for therapeutic treatment of sleeping and eating disorder. The negative effect complained by most patients is dry mouth.

Its production is mainly easy. Once planted, it starts to grow flowers after 63-70 days. It doubles in height two weeks after it has started flowering. It has dense flower clusters, but with few branches making it ideal for production with profit. It may be planted on pot or maybe planted on water through hydroponic method, although the hydroponic method produces the best results and also the best resin production.

The environment needed for its production is neither expensive cause all it needs a humid one. Its taste is more on fresh and fruity taste rather than old, grass-like taste compared to other strains of Marijuana.

Quantity : 10 pcs. seeds Yield : 500 / 600 (g/m²)
Height : High plant Flowering : (55 - 65 days)
Climate : Cold THC Level :Extreme High
Type :Regular Cultivate : Outdoor
Medical : No Strain : Hybride

Ice Weed Seeds
Ice Marijuana Seeds

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Ice Growing And How To Buy Cheap

Read the section for the frequently asked questions if you want to know how to order online Ice marijuana seeds and other cannabis strains with best deal in prices. As a company that has been in this online marijuana business for more than 8 years, you can trust that we are offering you quality Ice cannabis seeds.

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