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Happy Outdoor mix is a collection of top potency cannabis seeds, all ideal for growing. This is recommended for use for those growers who have the difficulty choosing which kind of strain to use. They have the hard time deciding which particular strain to cultivate.

Or in other circumstances, they just would like to grow and watch to their delight the growth of different strains with different smell and flavors.

As seed growers, we continuously keep on experimenting for new types of strain to satisfy our consumers. These experiments may result to some strains that we do not really expect to be created, a strain far from what we really expect to have. You know, it is really hard to control Genetics.

These not so expected new strains are then put in the Happy Outdoor mix containers and be put to sale.

Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : Miscellaneous
Type : Miscellaneous Harvest : Miscellaneous

Climate : Indoor/Outdoor

Stoned/High : Miscellaneous
Yield : Miscellaneous THC level : Miscellaneous
Height : Miscellaneous Grow Difficulty : Easy

Happy Outdoor Mix Pot Seeds
Happy outdoor mix Marijuana Seeds

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