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White Widow Feminized Seeds

Growing White Widow Marijuana Seeds
Flowering : 8 weeks
Type : Indica-Sativa mix
Climate : Indoor
Stoned : Extreme high
Yield : 450 grams/plant
THC level : Strong 20% - 25%
Height : 35 - 60 cm
Grow : Moderate

10 Seeds $95.00
20 Seeds $180.00

40 Seeds $340.00


As you can see from the pic on the right this strain is packed with bud. It is probably the most well known strain in the world since it won the 1995 cannabis cup in Amsterdam.

Famous at coffee shops in the Netherlands and also at medical marijuana shops in California and throughout the USA, this strain is reliable and guaranteed a very strong level of THC. The flowering time is 8 weeks and is best for growing inside a grow room under lights of either fluorescent or LED. Yes this strain will grow with hydro and you can expect about 450 grams per plant under ideal conditions. Also good for cloning and making cuttings as it is a strong plant that can also stand up to disease and pests such as bugs and spider mites.

If you look at the picture you will notice why this strain has its name because compared to others this has the greatest amount of white powder on it. Very strong and not recommended for beginners as THC levels can be as high as 25%.

growing marijuana White Widow Feminized Feminized

How To Grow White Widow & Order With Delivery

You will receive 10 female feminised seeds when you buy White Widow from our seed bank. The picture you see above will closely look like the final plant once you finish.

The price listed is above and can be adjusted to your local currency such as United States dollar or Canada dollar. Female seeds will only grow female plants which have the bud after you have germinated properly. For help growing, harvesting, planting or reviews of this plant or other strains we recommend you try a how to grow White Widow forum online. There you will find other White Widow pics and images to show you what your strain will look like after growing. We are the best mail order seed bank with discount pot seeds and safe delivery for both regular and medical customers.