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Growing Waikiki Queen Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Having only a height ranging from 75 – 120 cm, Waikiki Queen is ideal or growing indoors and outdoors. This plant usually flowers in just about 11 weeks and you can start to harvest this plant in the month of October till November. When one harvests this particular marijuana strain, it could yield about 700 grams per square meter. Also, Waikiki Queen has a THC content of about 24%.

Certainly, smoking Waikiki Queen would give you a taste of the Caribbean. Unlike any other sativa strains, this plant has a more subtle and mild hazy flavor. When smoked, you can feel a sativa-kind of highness and a hint of Hawaiian mind stone. In addition to that, you can easily taste the fruity and crisp flavor of this marijuana strain. Waikiki Queen was made for those people who are heavy pot smokers and looking for strong buds. So, if you are looking for a whole new kind of “high”, Waikiki Queen is worth a try.

Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 11 weeks
Type : Sativa Harvest : October-November

Climate : Indoor/Outdoor

Stoned/High : Sativa high - extreme buzz
Yield : 700 in/1150 Out grams/plant THC level : 24%
Height : 75 cm Grow Difficulty : Moderate

Waikiki Queen Feminized Pics/Pictures
Waikiki Queen Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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How To Grow Waikiki Queen Feminized & Order With Delivery

Waikiki Queen Feminized pot seeds are recommended for those heavy pot smokers who are looking for an extreme sativa-high with a tinge of tropical flavor. When you buy Waikiki Queen Feminized marijuana seeds, you are to harvest about 700 grams per square meter during the month of October. In growing Waikiki Queen Feminized weed seeds, know that you can either do it indoors or outdoors for this plant has the maximum height of about 75 cm only but in spite of its size, Waikiki Queen Feminized pot seeds have about 24% THC amount. Here at Mary Janes Garden, we accept payment via PayPal and we ship worldwide. We have many seeds like Waikiki Queen Feminized marijuana seeds for sale at the cheapest price possible. If you have any question regarding on how to grow Waikiki Queen Feminized marijuana seeds, then you can always refer to our website. Also, the site contains the prices, pictures and reviews from customers regarding the said product.