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Indoor Growing Tropicanna Marijuana Seeds

Tropicanna is the output of the best crossbreed marijuana plants. It has a tropical taste that would linger into ones system. Smokers who want to get a good stone effect as well as total body and mind relaxation, gives this indica variety a shot.

The variety can be grown easily and promises an early harvest. Even neophyte marijuana growers can yield 500 grams per square meters bud without any sweat at all. The tropicanna flowering cycle is completed by the 6th or 9th week. It can grow up to 90 centimeters tall, all full blown with big buds. The Tropicanna can be planted either through indoor or outdoor. However, if you are from a country where marijuana is prohibited, then plant your weed discreetly or end up having trouble.


The Tropicanna has a THC level of 15-17%, not that much enough of a bang however it can be a good use for medical practitioners.

Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 6-9 weeks
Type : Indica Harvest : September

Climate : Indoor/Outdoor

Stoned/High : Tropical buz
Yield : 500 grams/plant THC level : 15% - 17.5%
Height : 90 cm Grow Difficulty : Easy

Tropicanna Cannabis Seeds
TropiCanna Marijuana Seeds

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How To Grow Tropicanna Marijuana Seeds Indoors

In growing Tropicanna, you must know that you can do it either indoors or outdoors for this plant has only 90 cm of height. If you are into something that gives a tropical experience, then you may want to buy Tropicanna marijuana seeds. Keep in mind that Tropicanna usually flowers in 6-9 weeks time and will yield a harvest of about 500 grams per meter square. Also, this plant has a THC amount of 15 -17%. You can visit our site for tips and guides on how to grow Tropicanna. With us at Mary Jane’s Garden, you can always order Tropicanna pot seeds online at our website or you can have a mail order. We accept payments via PayPal and many other cards. In addition to that, you can have your items shipped worldwide. Rest assured that the information we acquired when you purchase Tropicanna cannabis seeds will be treated with confidentiality and will only be used for transaction purposes.